VIDEO- Depute Arnel Belizaire and John Joel Joseph in Anti-Martelly Protest in Haiti 17 Oct 2013

Watch the video... To commemorate the death of Dessalines on October 17 2013, Haitian congressmen Arnel Belizaire and John Joel Joseph marched in a anti-Martelly protest shouting "Aba Martelly... Se pou Martelly ale..."

Depute Arnel Belizaire in Anti-Martelly Protest - 17 Oct 2013

"N'ap goumen pou Martelly ale, " Arnel belizaire says... (We're fighting so martelly can leave!)

Watch the video...

Depute Arnel Belizaire thinks Martelly being the leader of Haiti is a deception for the country. Depute John Joel Joseph he just wants Martelly to leave!

As for depute John Joel Joseph, he puts president Martelly and his team in the same shoes as the "COLON" (colonizers) and compares Martelly to PETION (as in Alexandre Petion) who assassinated Jean Jacques Dessalines.

The same group of people who assassinated Dessalines are the same group of people in power today... They have to leave, he says

WOW... I guess the spirit of DIVISION can still rise, even to commemorate the unfortunate death of a great leader!

QUESTION: Do you share their opinion?

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Genet Jacot says...

president martelly pour cinq ans pas de parlement haiti tous sont voleurs il faut elmine le

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Versaint says...

Do these people know what are doing?

If they are aware of common sense, would they try to destroy what were demanding for just four years, wanted to do whatsoever to elect the guy, and now perhaps they've been used by some political protagonists, but do they think about the country, what does it deserve?

Do these folks know what does that land worth?

Peace for

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Subject: VIDEO- Depute Arnel Belizaire and John Joel Joseph in Anti-Martelly Protest in Haiti 17 Oct 2013 edit

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