Guy Phillipe Now Backs ex-Haiti President Aristide

Guy Phillipe, the same rebel leader who helped overthrow Haiti president Aristide in 2004 was spotted in a pro-Aristide rally thursday saying "If they arrest him [Aristide], all Haitians should take to the streets."

Guy Phillipe

The associated Press reports...

"Fugitive rebel Guy Philippe made a rare public appearance Thursday and urged Haitians to seize the streets if foreigners try to arrest the president he helped topple eight years ago, Jean-Bertrand Aristide."

Guy phillipe told the Associated Press that Haitians should defend Aristide if outsiders, meaning The United States, move into Haiti to arrest Aristide.

What is that all about?

There is a rumor in Haiti that Aristide is wanted and the United States is coming to arrest him. Both the US government and Haitian officials say it is not true.

Unlike Aristide, The Associated Press says, Philippe is an actual fugitive who is wanted on a U.S. indictment charging him with drug offenses.


Why do you think Guy Philippe is suddenly siding with Aristide?

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Regina says...

sa ya se yon moun li ye ya ki sa li bezwen gade

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Regina says...

sa ya se yon moun li ye ya ki sa li bezwen gade

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Regina says...

guy phillipe avek aristide kap fe boul je li tankou je zonbe se 2 vole yo ye. nou bezouin vin mange lagent payi a ki moun nou ye ban

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Jean Beaubrun says...

Aristide is the best for Haiti

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Agent-x says...

History will not absolve Guy Philippe because he is not an ignoramus.

He chose to betray the cause of the peasants by siding with the interest of the financial elite in Haiti by betraying our Luminary Jean Bertrand Aristide.

He has made numerous condescending remakes about Aristide.

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Jean Pup says...

I don't think anyone have any right to arrest a guy phillipe or President Aristide on his country to went to USA.

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Agent-x says...

The word unbelievable and impossible are absurd in the absolute sense and should always be used with a modifier or an adjective.

As one strives to cope with this phantom world and universe, it is essential to accept the inherent impermanent nature of things.

Matter that constitute our seen and unseen universe or multiverse is in a perpetual state of flux and reflux or dynamic state from a fermion to the universe or multiverses and from a living cell, the male African elephants to the blue whale.

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Rodriguez says...

!!!! Unbelievable !!!!! with all the major issues, Haiti is

going thru, from hunger, to diseases, to homelessness, now we have to pay attention to LOOSERS like guy philippe, how does not give a rat ass about the country, in the true sense of the term !!!! i really wish, this f at #$% MORON, would use his influence to push a fresh water program, for those poor people dying from cholera...THINK ABOUT

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Toulimen Legrand says...

Once a person does not agree with the United States politics in Haiti, that person will be labeled as drug traffickers and not communists as it was in the past. Haitian drug traffickers smuggle illegal drugs to sell to U.S. corporations.

Illegal drugs are used in foods and medicines in the U.S. and they will never legalize the drug market to buy it legally, which will cost them more money because they are not able to produce enough to sustain their living.

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Marjorie Middy says...

Bernadette, don't feel sorry for Guy Phillipe yet, I think there is a method to his madness.

He is creating an instant fame by attaching himself with Aristide.

He wants to get sympathy from Aristide supporters the Lavalasse in case Martelly failed his post. In effect he is campaigning for Martelly's seat. He is taking a well calculated

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