Lavalas Protesters demand the resignation of Haiti President Martelly

Thousands of Lavalas protesters took to the streets of Haiti demanding the resignation of president Michel Martelly on the assumption that he is a US Citizen... TOUJOU????

Although the American ambassador to Haiti said openly that president Martelly is NOT a US Citizen, that did not stop anti-Martelly protestors from mobilizing under that assumption.

The way it looks... even if Barack OBAMA himself says Martelly is not a U.S. citizen, it won't change a think because... Well... Keep on reading...

Radio Kiskeya reports...

"Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the constitution was the pretext for this new mobilization of opponents who put forth the alleged U.S. citizenship of the current Haitian leader who would come to power in defiance of the constitution and institutions in Haiti"

Who called for this anti-Martelly protest?

According to AHP, André Fadot coordinator of the organization Force Patriotique pour le Respect de la Constitution (Foparc) believes Martelly is a U.S. citizen who entered the National Palace in violation of the constitution. Therefore, he claims not to recognize his authority and called for the mobilization for his departure.

This is only the beginning!

According to Radio Kiskeya, these same anti-Martelly Lavalas protesters are promising that more protesting will follow on April 6 and 7?


Is this really about Martelly's supposed American and Italian citizenship OR...
Does Lavalas actually want Martelly to rashe his Manyok?

A better question?

What's in it for Haiti?
Who stand to profit from all of this?

Who are the PUPPET MASTERS????

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Louis Jean says...

We will kik you and your mama out of Haiti.

Aristide belongs to Haiti and vice versa.

Give me your address and I will show you what I can do. If you are man enough show it to the bloggers by giving me your

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Frya says...

Keep my word I always says as long as Aristide living in haiti there will be no peace.

He need to be kick out of the country.


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K. M Ichel says...

Come on you brothers and sisters.Give Haiti our nation one more chance to move forward, if you keep doing taking the streets to protest, we'll keep going back for more. Please stop these non-sense and stupid reaction.It's now time to stop it.ONE MORE CHANCE FOR HAITI

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Marjorie Middy says...

Jean Pierre, Bel Nomm Kreol, Your frustration is shared and understood.

As you may know my father was a Duvalierist rouge and I grew up under that system, mainly Jean Claude's. Duvalier, the father, I know about him only from second hand information from family members and books.

My Dad worshiped Francois Duvalier and Dad's money allowed me to have a higher education learning from France.

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Johnson says...

all we want for now for are country to good we should not care about who he is we don't care if is american or Haitian let's get together in save the country thank

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Rev. Duval Denis, praying for a nation or world nation is recommended in the bible,[not Jehovah God put them or associate himself to any of world government as you claimed in present day or time].

Million of Rev like you in this world, teaching the wrong message to their congregation.

I am watching you like an yeast infection.

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Anderson says...

Pou ki nou pa vle bay peyi-a yon mezanmi, nou tout ap pran poz nou renmen peyi -n epi nou pa vle pou peyi avanse, tout jounen se manifestasyon ki pap itil peyi a anyen.

Menm le Mr Michel Martelly te yon REAL AMERICAIN.

Depi se sa ki bon lap fe pou peyi-a, epi ki an fave pep la

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Rev. Duval Denis says...

Brother Alexandre!

To those that hurled insults at him and crucified him, Jesus said in Luke 23:34, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
As ministers of the Gospel, we must bless not curse people.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Marjorie Middy,
I know you and I cannot mix or be in the same room together without having a fence between us, but i will say what i have to say anyway.

This is the main reason that drive Duvalier"Papa doc"to a so-called beast in motion against his own people.

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Marjorie Middy says...

Yep, some people don't believe the dechoukaj is over and done with. Some people don't know how to change to a new page or a new chapter so they will continue with the same charabia day in and day out. President Martelly has nothing to do with the protest.

It is not about him. It is about no-good-for-nothings who have nothing better to do and with stupid and vile leaders or ex-leaders who are taking advantage of the situation.

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