History will not absolve Guy Philippe because he is not an...

Agent-x - July 12 2012, 6:02 PM

History will not absolve Guy Philippe because he is not an ignoramus.

He chose to betray the cause of the peasants by siding with the interest of the financial elite in Haiti by betraying our Luminary Jean Bertrand Aristide.

He has made numerous condescending remakes about Aristide.

Martelly stands a better chance to be pardoned than Guy Philippe because Martelly has problem reading the fine prints since he is not an educated fellow.

Some very poor and dark skin Haitians have the bourgeois mentality and are willing to go to the extreme to betray their own group to be among the financial elite that is usually mostly mulattoes even-though the later group is using the dark skin skills as a ladder to reach their objectives.

Opportunist Guy Philippe baseline of functioning is essentially pro bourgeois although recently he is trying to portray himself as a pseudo Marxist, socialist, Che-Guevararist as a survival tactics.

Remember that his Curriculum Vitae speaks eloquently against his current tactical position.

The Lavalassiens should keep at bay this treacherous and dangerous aganman/chameleon.

Guy Philippe typify and is the paragon of what Frantz Fanon describe in his book of Black Skin, White masks.

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I don't think anyone have any right to arrest a guy...

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