Once a person does not agree with the United States politics...

Toulimen Legrand - April 1 2012, 1:52 PM

Once a person does not agree with the United States politics in Haiti, that person will be labeled as drug traffickers and not communists as it was in the past. Haitian drug traffickers smuggle illegal drugs to sell to U.S. corporations.

Illegal drugs are used in foods and medicines in the U.S. and they will never legalize the drug market to buy it legally, which will cost them more money because they are not able to produce enough to sustain their living.

We, Haitians should step up in the right place to stop the United States CIA in the killing of Haitian dissidents and the Haitian elites as well.Guy Phillipe was brainwashed by CIA to overthrow Aristide and if now he realizes that it was a mistake, please accept his apology and let him join the crowd to support Aristide and the Haitian causes.

America's accusations of Aristide make this guy looks an evil person, but Haitians are not crazy at all they will not buy those from U.S. If Aristide had implemented all Governors Island signed contracts to sell Haiti to them they would not label him as a former thief of Haiti.

America is responsible for our political and economic divisions in Haiti and as supported by the Haitian corrupted Elites.

Only a stronger earthquake could bring justice to Haiti because between the lesser of the two evils there is not a single choice left. We are doomed to failure and our days are numbered to nothing on the ignorance calendar.

Haitian politichiens to credit Richelle are monsters and Haiti sucks.

With a suckish blog manager, we will all be killed in Haiti because he is spying on us on a daily basis.

Shame on you blog manager and the truth will told ok

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