FLASH: Haiti Presidential Elections, DO IT OVER, Verification Commission says...

There is so much WRONGDOING in the recent Haiti Presidential elections that the verification commission recommends a DO-OVER... Yes, that's the recommendation... All 54 candidates must go back out on the campaign trail, unless by do-over they mean everyone must re-register as a candidate for president... LOL... I wouldn't be surprised if that's they really mean.

Commission Verification Electorale
Commission Verification Electorale

KREYOL: Haiti Elections - Commission VERIFICATION an mande REKOMANSE Elections Presidentiel a ZERO... Sanble Menm LOUKO Desir ap oblije retounen nan fe kanpay... Men A A... Anmweyyyyyyyy... Kisa ou panse de sa???

Read a more detailed article regarding the report of the election verification commission from the Miami Herald

The Republic of Haiti should be renamed COMEDY CENTRAL... Siwouzly...

What do you think about that?

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Nick Peter says...

Praise the Lord for the Do over recommended by the Commission of Verification.

It is a very good idea, I think everybody agrees with the Do over. Haiti needs a Do over with only 12 well known, popular presidential candidates with the most votes.

Presidential candidates like Jude Celestin, Jovenel Moise, Mirlande Manigat, Maryse Narcisse, Steven Benoit, Jean Ceant and six more candidates with more votes should re-register for the Do Over. Haiti has too many political parties and too many presidential candidates.

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Concern says...

Well that is the best recommendation for the election.

Fairness and justice should be the main reason to have the Country move forward.

Great idea, they need to have the voting system updated.

Learn from other counties who had fair elections carried out. All 54 candidates back on the

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Patrick Princivil says...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yo sézi!

Lougawou pa janm vlé wè lougawou parèy yo. Tout 54 kandida yo ap tounen nan élksyon épi JPP. Kèlkéswa sé yon chyen 2 pyé ki pasé nan élksyon ki gen poul réfèt la sé bal chèz la pou 5 ans, nèg fè dézòd nèg ap

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