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Change in Haiti Elections: President Jovenel Moise wants partial results two hours after the elections

Haiti Elections - Pierre Louis Opont ap VOTE In Haiti, the people have to wait over a month for elections results. President Jovenel want to change that. The President wants the Electoral Council (CEP) to now proclaim the partial results two hours after the elections. more »

Haiti Politics - VOTE ZOMBI is quickly becoming the most popular term in Haitian politics these days

VOTE ZONBI - Nouveau Vocabulaire Politique Haitien Haiti Politics Update -- Ever since the release of the election commission report last week, the term "VOTE ZOMBI" has taken over the Haitian social media network and the Haitian media in general... Journalist and politicians the term benefits have simply adopted the term... more »

AUDIO: Haiti - Jude Celestin wants Jovenel Moise OUT of Presidential Elections

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Without mentioning his name, Jude Celestin definitely made it clear that he wants Jovenel Moise OUT of the 2nd round presidential elections... more »

FLASH: Haiti Presidential Elections, DO IT OVER, Verification Commission says...

Commission Verification Electorale There is so much WRONGDOING in the recent Haiti Presidential elections that the verification commission recommends a DO-OVER... Yes, that's the recommendation... All 54 candidates must go back out on the campaign trail, unless by do-over they mean everyone must re-register as a candidate for president... LOL... I wouldn't be surprised if that's they really mean. more »

FLASH: Haiti Election Verification Commission Report WILL NOT be Released to the Media

Commission Verification Electorale Haiti Elections Update -- While everyone awaits the release of the Haiti Elections Verification Commission report due Sunday, that report WILL NOT be made public... This reports will be hand delivered to President Jocelerme Privert in a special ceremony Monday... more »

Haiti Elections - Verification Commission Report to Be Released Sunday

Commission Verification Electorale Haiti Elections Update -- All eyes are on the Election Verification Commission Report due to be released the sunday to the interim president of the republic, Mr. Jocelerme Privert... What will be in that report? Will it matter? Will it make a difference? more »