Haitian Flag Day

Haitian flag day is celebrated each year in Haiti on May 18. The first Haitian flag was adopted on 18 May 1803, on the last day of the Congress of Arcahaie.


Haiti - Moise Jean Charles calls his followed to lower Haiti flag and raise the Black and Red flag

Moise Jean Charles and his black and red (noir et rouge) flag Former Haitian senator Moise Jean Charles is calling on his followers all over Haiti to lower the blue and red Haitian flag and replace it with the black and red flag which he says it the Dessalines flag. more »

Arcahaie Haiti mayor attempting to block Govt stand construction for May 18 Haitian Flag Day

Will Haitian Flag Day be celebrated in Arcahaie this year? The mayor of Arcahaie, Rosemila Petit-Frère has blocked this Saturday the construction of a stand that should be erected to host the festivities related to the celebration of Haitian Flag Day. more »

FLASH: Haiti Presidential Elections, DO IT OVER, Verification Commission says...

Commission Verification Electorale There is so much WRONGDOING in the recent Haiti Presidential elections that the verification commission recommends a DO-OVER... Yes, that's the recommendation... All 54 candidates must go back out on the campaign trail, unless by do-over they mean everyone must re-register as a candidate for president... LOL... I wouldn't be surprised if that's they really mean. more »

18 Mai in Haiti - President Privert in Arcahaie for Haitian Flag Day Ceremonies

President Privert Arcahaie - 18 Mai 2016 Despite troubles ahead of the Haitian Flag in the city of Arcahaie, Interim President Jocelerme Privert and his government went to Arcahaie anyway to carry out the official annual Haitian flag day ceremonies... more »