Praise the Lord for the Do over recommended by the Commission...

Nick Peter - June 1 2016, 6:10 PM

Praise the Lord for the Do over recommended by the Commission of Verification.

It is a very good idea, I think everybody agrees with the Do over. Haiti needs a Do over with only 12 well known, popular presidential candidates with the most votes.

Presidential candidates like Jude Celestin, Jovenel Moise, Mirlande Manigat, Maryse Narcisse, Steven Benoit, Jean Ceant and six more candidates with more votes should re-register for the Do Over. Haiti has too many political parties and too many presidential candidates.

Haiti just needs four parties and 12 presidential candidates.

Too many presidential candidates and too many parties are a waste of time and money.

Every other party should join four parties.

The Commission needs more time for a job well done and to stop all election fraud and corruption.

In God we Trust.

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