Daniel Rouzier Says He Will Fire Bill Clinton!

Haitian Prime-Minister Nominee, Daniel-Gérard Rouzier, says that the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, led by President Bill Clinton, is "dysfunctional" and he would replace it by a new government agency.

Bill Clinton

Fire Bill Clinton? are you kidding? LOL

Isn't messing with Bill Clinton political suicide?

Daniel Rouzier says...

"Interim Haiti Recovery Commission, as it exists today, will not continue. I don't mean to crucify the people who came up with the concept but sometimes when something doesn't work you have to fix it."

Will Rouzier fire Bill Clinton?

Well... in an article from the Associated press, Rouzier says he hoped that the former American president would continue to be part of the reconstruction effort.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... It didn't say nothing about him being chairman of the Recovery Commission LOL...


Isn't messing with Bill Clinton political suicide?

Should Rouzier have waited until after he won the Prime Minister post and simply ACT instead of making such a bold statement before being approved by Haitian parliament

What do you think about that?

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Nicolas Ronel says...

I think Daniel speaks with a real haitian painful soul like I would do. Bill Clinton is a real bill for my nation.

too much bill please! Let's go with rouzier as the prime minister.

i send a mise en garde to the haitian parliament members to vote daniel'cause his the choice right

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Natif.natal says...

This is the reason why I say Fire Clinton!! because these reports are known.

Because he will make sure his state, his country continues to control the production.

Who is going to stay at the Clinton-Bush hotel?

"Oxfam: Global Food Prices to Double by 2030

A new report from Oxfam warns global food prices will more than double by 2030 as the planet enters an era of so-called "permanent food crisis." The

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Natif.natal says...

I am not saying that Clinton should invest in everything at the same time. but seeing his track record I am skeptical about what his true intentions are. Look at Labadee for example.

Royal Caribbean has been using and exploiting this for years.

How much money have they made from Labadee?

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Jim Egalite says...

I did not have time to respond to Natif-natal, but think that Bernadette's response covers quite well all the principal underlying issues when judging of Bill Clinton's contribution and importance to the Haitian reconstruction today.

It is a balancing act and a cold-head must lead the warm-heart in this matter.

The economy is divided in many sectors and usually one service job has positive reprecaution on many other jobs in the economy.

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Natif.natal says...

In understand what you are trying to say but I disagree, I think you are mistaken.

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Bernadette says...

Nobody should be against or for somebody in politics.

One could be for or against an idea or an act. Political ideologies and actions cost LIVES.

Do you guys have asked yourselves WHY should Bill clinton help Haiti for free?

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Patricia says...

Thank you! for proving that you are not rely on that blog to get the news, but you did your own research bravo.

I hope others take note to empower themselves the same way because more you know you will do better.

There are so many resources available these days if people use them, then they will think and react differently.

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Nefe says...

I totally agreed! You have done your research.

It time Haitian people need to stop asking the foreigner for help, we need to help

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Jynee says...

Natif Natal and few others are the voice of reason in this insane argument that the irresponsible blog manager started.

first of all Rouzier is 100% correct on his decision to change the BS interim commission.

first of all Rouzier did not say anything about firing anybody, the commisssion is set to expire in october so Rouzier will not relinquish the country over to clinton.

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Natif .natal says...

It's not possible to accomodate the elephant in the room!!
the elephant is going to destroy everyhting in the room!
name on thing that Clinton has done to really help Haiti.

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