Natif Natal and few others are the voice of reason in this...

Jynee - May 27 2011, 11:06 PM

Natif Natal and few others are the voice of reason in this insane argument that the irresponsible blog manager started.

first of all Rouzier is 100% correct on his decision to change the BS interim commission.

first of all Rouzier did not say anything about firing anybody, the commisssion is set to expire in october so Rouzier will not relinquish the country over to clinton.

what's wrong with that, they have they own plan for Haiti?

this clueless blog manager need to visit Haitilibre and read what the plans Rouzier have for Haiti.

Haitians are so quick to dog another Haitian and ready to kiss a foreigner ass! I can't believe so many clueless haitians on this blog are ready to throw a respectable Haitian citizen like Rouzier under the boss for clinton.

Clinton use the commision to reward his friends in the DC, maryland and virginia with contracts, out of 200millions worth of contracts only 2% goes to Haitian firms.

How is that Helping Haitians?

Clinton and bush fund only sponsor factories and that one Hotel, while the president of the Uiversity of Haiti was in the state seeking funds to rebuild the University, how come the clinton did not see fit to give money to the Universities?

what good would educated Haitians be to clinton?

educated Haitians would all think like Rouzier and see through his BS, he seems to prefer ignorant haitians because they all seem to think he's the best! never mind he forced aristide to sign all the bs neo-liberal policies that destroy Haiti economy and us this BS commmisions to make his buddies wealthier! When will Haitian realize only Haitians can save Haiti! Dessalines turning in his ggrave right now to see how Haitians are a bunch of tisou-sou restavek blan!

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It's not possible to accomodate the elephant in the...

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