Nobody should be against or for somebody in politics. One...

Bernadette - May 29 2011, 12:15 AM

Nobody should be against or for somebody in politics.

One could be for or against an idea or an act. Political ideologies and actions cost LIVES.

Do you guys have asked yourselves WHY should Bill clinton help Haiti for free?

NOBODY does anything for free. This is a concept that is oblivious to most bloggers here. People do things BECAUSE they will derive a certain profit from it; whether it be spiritual, sentimental, political, civil or financial.

There is ALWAYS a personal gain why somebody decides to do something.

That goes the same for Haiti.

No country OWES anything to Haiti.

HAITIANS owe Haiti, period:NOBODY ELSE.
I failed to understand this false sense of ENTITLEMENT that some of us have here.
What we should ask ourselves is: What would have happened if the International Community, namely the US did NOT help after the last quake?

Our own President was incognito for God sake, is this already forgotten?

The world was getting a glimpse of us at the courtesy and generosity of "CNN" thus highlighting the problem.

Did any of you think, how much that it must have cost them for that international coverage that lasted a good three weeks on a very consistent basis?

How about the the international artists who have donated their time and talent, did any of you asked how much it must have cost?

Did any of you send a "Thank you" note to these people?

No, because you are ENTITLE to the HELP, right?

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss...

You have totally missed the point, as usual.

The reference was made to Bill Clinton to educate some Haitians for the purpose of transferring some of the JOBS away from foreign NGO administrators to give them to Haitians administrators instead as it is a good source of steady and ready income.

Educated Haitians KNOW how to bargain in life as they know that nothing is for free and everything has a price tag.

An elaborate plan is worthless without money and appropriate personnel to take it to reality.

It is just a feel-good story.

I have to assume some of you know the theory of "divide and conquer".

Watch out it coming very fast to hit you right in your arse pretty soon. I also have to assume that most people who blogged here also think alike.

There are others out there who can understand what is coming up. If we are NOT careful.

It is not about kissing butts but more about protecting Haiti from status quo...

Now, who is the restavek?

Some of us do know that service oriented jobs are what makes most economies including that of the USA's. Manufacturing jobs went to some part of Mexico and mostly to Southeast Asia. They have started just like any poor country by accepting jobs at low levels then they grow and make demands.

Some of them today have money to invest in industrialized countries like Europe and USA.
You do also know that Haiti has tough competitions like other Latin and Caribbean nations who would be more than glad to welcome those added "service" jobs...I also understand that it is hard for those small scale hotels in Haiti actually feared the up-coming competition.

If we want progress, we have to bargain with the lesser evil...or status quo will prevail one MORE TIME. Then, the cycle will continue by calling them names and being hateful...

What hypocrisy!!! We often haggled with the taxi driver for charging too much, with the laundress for asking too much money, with the ti-marchand at the open-air markets for charging too much, at the shoe-shine boy not shining one pair for free. We ordinarily don't concern ourselves with how they are "making it".

What is this sudden "concern" about the service people?

suspicious, AIN'T IT?

I do hope we get our priorities straight.

Before you can walk, you got to crawl.

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