Gonaives Marketplace Burned To The Ground Over The Weekend

Over the weekend, news broke out that the municipal market in Gonaives Haiti place was burned to the ground. President Michel Martelly went to Gonaives yesterday, Sunday, and deplores this act of violence.

Gonaives Haiti Welcome Sign

Is this an act of vandalism?

Will they catch those who did it... and then what?

Why would somebody burn down the market place?

There is something that we need to fix in Haiti and we need to do it right away...

We keep talking about rebuilding Haiti, we think making Haiti hurricane-proof and earthquake-resistant will fix everything but...

Will Haiti every be FIRE-PROOF and resistant to the army of Haitians among us who are armed and ready with matches, gasoline, and the desire to destroy?

To intentionally or maliciously set fire to a structure is a crime, it's called ARSON... What is the penalty for ARSON in Haiti?

We have a bunch of people who think they have the right to destroy PRIVATE and PUBLIC property at will. In most cases they have nothing to loose, except their freedom, and they seem to know already that nothing will happen.

How do you control people who have NOTHING to loose?

Perhaps the Haitian government should invest in a big prison in Ile de la Gonave, Ile A Vache, or La Tortue somewhere!


Don't we need people to create license plates and stuff?

If these people go unpunished, what's the point of rebuilding Haiti?

Before we can build OR rebuild, we have to take steps to prevent destruction... Sadly, many of us are expert destroyers...


What do we do about these bad apples? They are ruining the country for every good citizen out there!

Are there already laws in the books? How do we enforce them? Isn't it time?

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Dieu Si Bon Garage - Gonaives Haiti   PHOTO: Haiti - Manifestation Nan Gonaives, 13 Decembre 2014   Néhémie Joseph   Place Publique la, Mirebalais Haiti   Route Nationale No 1, Gonaives, Artibonite Haiti   Haiti - Ti Machann nan marche Gonaives   Haiti - Poisson seche nan marche Gonaives   Haiti - Minican with a Freezer on top - Route Nationale No 1 going to Gonaives  

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Eddy5331 says...

Good day Mr RAY, its a pleasure for me to answer all your questions where u could get an idea about whats going on in our belovely country HAITI.

First of all Mr Michel J. Martelly is an haitian.

second of all he is the president of HAITI thats mean mr RAY he represent the people of haiti it does not matter which class u come from as soon as u are haitian he is your first representant.

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Ray says...

Hello Eddy,

Thanks for your response.

Since you know Micky, who does he represent in Haiti, the people or the elite, the people or the foreign governments?

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Ray says...


Are you one of the elite, of the army, of the Duvalierist camp?

I am curious.

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Eddy5331 says...

RAY i read your answer i want to tell you this if you are one of my brother i mean if you are an haitian but if you are not an haitian just forget about it.In 1996&1997 my country Haithad know the worst moment in his history where there was dead bodies all around the west departement at this time preval was just take over the power what did he does call a meeting in the national palace where all the police chief was there Mr Ray the result was what limited Minuha conduct and allowed the pnh to perform it was succesfull and Rene Preval at this time was part of that operation.

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Cesaire Estime says...

Nou rive nan yon moman kote chef de leta ak pesonaj moral nan peyi nou bezwen chita pou pran yon lot inisyativ pou sove peyi Dayiti.

Nou gen on nasyon kote moun pa respekte pyes vale tankou:
moral, istorik, santimantal e latriye.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

No body should put Aristide out of Haiti!
We need to bury him in Haiti 12' down, not 6'down.

He is the guy that creating unstability in the

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Allll says...

all I can say fout Aristid deyo epi tout bagay ap mache tres

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Elsie says...

I like when you mantion Aristid you do not know this people they can eat you like a dog. if you know the american strategy pretend to be your friend when they are plotting on you. That is aristide way How do I know that .My Cousin and him was classmate at the big seminar and I was married a guys that from the same country side with him carpentier and cleamed that they are family members.

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Elsie says...

you make some good point jojo but I do not agrre with you when we ca not live in our own country if today american government said that it will kick our ass out of his country you will take the street in washington to protest and call the government racist.

don't you think that you used aa act of racism against your own citizen.

that is one of the reason haiti will never go anywhere.I'm from the country side here I'am in u.s. if I did not have the possibility to move to the big city could I be here today?

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Josy says...


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