It's not possible to accomodate the elephant in the room!! the...

Natif .natal - May 27 2011, 9:42 PM

It's not possible to accomodate the elephant in the room!!
the elephant is going to destroy everyhting in the room!
name on thing that Clinton has done to really help Haiti.

One thing!
because yeah, he raised a lot of funds, but what happened to them?

how were these funds used?

what long term project has he done?

do you not realize that all the help is not only short term but also design to make sure the funds are not used in Haiti.

everything they provide comes from somewhere else. all the contracts go a US and foreign companies?

how is that helping you?

Clinton and Bush are opening a Hotel.

Is that the best use of the money Do you think the average Haitian is going to be able to stay there?

He says he will create 400 jobs. But how many of thoses are in management position?

Most hotel jobs are dead-end jobs. You can not become more than what you are. Maid, valet, cook. Isn't education the best things to invest in. To give people a chance.

What do you think Clinton will pay?

Minimum wage!!! a wage that he put pressure on to reduce!!!!
We don't need Clinton's kind of help. This is the kind of help that makes you worse, not better

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