Daniel Rouzier Rumored as Martelly's Pick for Prime Minister of Haiti

Who will be the Next Prime Minister of Haiti? The rumor is that President Martelly wants Haitian Businessman Daniel Gerard Rouzier as his Prime Minister.

Daniel Rouzier

This information was released by Radio Metropole in Haiti a few days before Martelly was sworn in as President.

Who is Daniel Rouzier?

Here is what we know about him so far - Per the Jamaica Observer

  1. He is a Christian
  2. He is an Economist (said to be, the Jamaica Observer says)
  3. He is a a successful businessman (President and founder of SunAuto S.A.)
  4. He is the brother of famous Haitian musician Fabrice Rouzier
  5. He heads the Haitian branch of Food For the Poor
  6. He is the honorary counsel general of Jamaica (since June 2010)
  7. He is the chairman of E-Power, a company that sells electricity to the Haitian government.

Will Daniel Rouzier get the aproval of the Haitian parliament?

Good question...

The Miami Herald says that Daniel Rouzier "has no political experience" AND "Leaders of Preval's INITE have said Rouzier has no chance of being confirmed by parliament, as required by the constitution."


What do you think about Daniel Rouzier as Prime Minister of Haiti?

Do you think this decision, if made by the president, is based on Mr. Rouzier's qualifications or do you have something else in mind???

Reply with your comments

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William Jusme says...

Pass on to the president

Mr. President it will be an embarrassment to our country to let other countries build our palace with their own funds.

Yes, we may need their expertise but not their money.

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Dener Aupont says...

the best man for the job i d'ont see no body els martelly pick up e good man prime minister has long he d'ont pick the greed people i see in haiti love my haiti chery

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Tiba says...

Run or running a successful business, and being a nice decent human being doesn't mean you can run a government.

Government is not a business, a company, a corporation and cannot run as such.

Government is an institution intety whose sole function is to "protect and to serve." However, government has the right to impose taxes on the services that it provides to its citizens in order to generate capital for its survival and in order to sustain.

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Fc says...

si president fe li confience, nap pran chance nou, parce que se sou chance nou pran Micky la. Alors mwen pa pense Micky ap choisi yon moun ki ap fe li paret led devan nou. Moun ki gen experience nan politic yo se vole yo vole l'argent pays a. se sou se yo souse peuple

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Sadira Colonel says...

hey next time have resperct for peoples oke dont post these word on place like that every one can go oke thank

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Darlene says...

I think, he will be the best for the position even they say, he doesn t know nothing about politic.

I prefare to think our chance with him, because Preval and Aristid had power for 20 years did not do anything either, they been used the poor people like garbage no light, no school, no security no hospital no respect for us all over the world Ego only I do not see any different between who know, who do not know. now, Haiti need us it's time to prouve we love our self and our country Haiti cheri, ( union fait la force ) let's us do it together, stop be

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Dordycinevert says...

you pick daniel rouzier rumored for prime minister thank you for haiti i love joseph matelly my for 561 255

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Melissa says...

It's important to make people aware of these things.

He is an exceptional human being, and a very succesful businessman.

He is honest and true. The least anyone needs to worry about is how many years he has or hasn't worked in politics.

The less stained, the

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Melissa says...

Mr. Martelly knows just enough about Mr. Rouzier to know he is a good soul. He has run businesses, and is the President of Food for the Poor. He does this through sacrifice and countless hours of hard work. Pleasedo not be skeptical or mistaken, Mr. Rouzier is not a "family business quick pick", he is the person that sees Haiti for what it is, and for what it can

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Myrtho says...

I really do not know anything about Mr Rouzier.

My thinking is: you do not need to be a political figure to do good for your country.Many of us living in the Diaspora do not have political experiences but are willing to lend an helping hand toward the reconstruction of our country.Lets borrow President Obama's famous slogan "WE CAN DO IT, AND YES, WE WILL.Our new president is faced with many issues.

His plate is full and needs help to digest its contents.Lets us support his choice.

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