Run or running a successful business, and being a nice decent...

Tiba - May 20 2011, 6:01 AM

Run or running a successful business, and being a nice decent human being doesn't mean you can run a government.

Government is not a business, a company, a corporation and cannot run as such.

Government is an institution intety whose sole function is to "protect and to serve." However, government has the right to impose taxes on the services that it provides to its citizens in order to generate capital for its survival and in order to sustain.

Government also has the right to own certain enterprises in order to generate revenue in order to sustain.

Once again, being a successful businessman doesn't that person can run a government because running a government is more complexed than it seems to be.

Martelly should pick Rousier as his prime minister only if Mr. Rousier shares the president's philosophy, ideology, and the president's government agenda, and if Martelly believes that Mr. Rousier can cary out Martelly's vision for the country and is able to get the job done.

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