VIDEO: President Michel Martelly Inauguration Speech

In case you missed the inauguration speech of President Michel Martelly, we recorded of it for you... Listen to it and share your opinion about it.

In his first National Address, President Michel Martelly says...

"Together, shoulder to shoulder, we are doing to change Haiti, we are going to rebuild this country.."

"We cannot continue to be humiliated by extending out 'Kwi' [begging] all the time... In a politics of begging... in saying 'PLEASE' all the time..."

"We are such courageous and hard working people, we work so hard when given the opportunity... We go to other lands and build... We can rebuild our country..."

Listen to the speech... and tell us what you think about it...

President Martelly focused on his promise to restore SECURITY in Haiti...

"In order to bring jobs into Haiti," the president says, "there must be SECURITY... If there is insecurity in Haiti, No money will come in... No money means no jobs..."

"This... I will not negotiate... If you think you will spread fear and insecurity in Haiti to prevent the country from moving forward, the justice system will take good care of you..."


What part of President Martelly's speech did you like the most?

What did you expect to hear that he did not cover in his speech?

Overall... how do you rate the president's first National Address?

Reply with your comment

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Emmanuella says...

Apres Jean Jacques Dessalines, le president Martelly est le seul patriote a vouloir changer le status quo.En tant que citoyens, nous avons le devoir d'epauler celui par qui une Haiti nouvelle va

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Betina Jeanmary says...

president martelly look a little nervous which i understand as first time politician.

hopefully he will brings peace and unity and change among haitian

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Lawsoun Allias Good Boy says...

an nou fe on sel se sa selman mwen te ka di nou

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Germain Hutchinson says...

The part of the President's speech that I enjoyed the most is when he said that
fear and insecurity in Haiti will only prevent the country from moving forward.

I believe this to be a true statement and I am in full support of the

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Magalie Jean says...

Je vous garderai dans mes prieres, car je sais sans l'aide de Dieu les projets humains ne sont que du vent. Avec la guidance divine, la determination, la foi dans ce que nous avons comme potatentialite, je suis confidente que nous pouvons realiser de tres grandes choses.

Je peux sentir dans le discours de Mr Martelly la determination d'aider son pays a sortir de cette decevante situation dans laquelle il se retrouve et nous les haitiens qui vivons a l'etranger nous avons asses de l'image desastreuse projectee de notre pays et sommes prets a porter main forte dans la reconetruction de notre pays, avant tout lakay se

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Marthe Abraham M.d says...

This was an affront to the dignitaries that came over to our nation to show theri support.

We Haitians "STOPPED" the hatred...

Don"t cut your throat to spite your stomach.

My support is first to Haiti then to Michel Matelly and I wish the for his presidency,.

I am proud of him so

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Neg Maron says...

Pou tout sa ki rinmin blackout yo pou yo ka fe zafe yo nan fe noi e byen min

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Patricia says...

Friends it is true, they did sabotage the electricity wires during the president swearing.

I read it in and also in metropole article;they already started an investigation to find the perpetrators who did that insult not only to the president but also to the nation.

I encourage you all to keep praying for the president daily for God to help him and guide him more than ever before.


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Liz says...

femin beck ou, ou pa min m konn sa wa avanse paske w pa yon vrai haitien ki fe wap ekri kaka sa yo. juski le wap sispann radote.

se wou k pa komprann.

asireman ou se yon detrakte, yonn na sak ta rinmin wel ke li pa delivre sal promet.kite m di w yon bagay, haiti poko janm gin yon prsiden tankou neg sa wap rele grinn sal.jus paske grinn sale pa w la pa pase paske pep la barel, sa pa vle di pou wap pale de w presiden konsa.siye je w paske si wap kriye wap kriye pou lontan paske se ou k pa komprann, min pep la komprann paske tounin do bay ansasin

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Reginal Silne says...

Se Sak Fe peyi nou an ap toujou konsa paske se moun tankou ou ki bloke Li si ou pa vle we president michele martelly men Mon cher soyons serieux fok ou renmen peyi ou ok Li president Li president net tet kale so bay boudaw deux tap si ou pa dako ok let him do the job ok he will deliver the message thank

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