Haiti Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive Resigns...

BREAKING NEWS - Jean-Max Bellerive, has just submitted his resignation as Prime Minister of Haiti, to allow President Michel Martelly to choose his own prime minister, the says...

Michel Martelly and Jean-Max Bellerive

Did you know?

Jean-Max Bellerive and Michel Martelly are cousins!

Many thought that 'Cousin Martelly' would keep 'Cousin Bellerive' as prime minister of Haiti; however, due to the fact that Michel Martelly ran a campaign of CHANGE, some see Bellerive staying as prime minister of Haiti as "things remaining the same!"

Change or Same??? - Three things to consider...

1) While Preval spent his full 5-year term as president, Jean-Max Bellerive only came on board during his last 16 months in office.

2) It's been said that Rene Preval nominated Bellerive as Prime Minister following the orders of a senate resolution.

3) Jean-Max Bellerive is co-chairman of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), Bill Clinton is the other half...

Jean Max Bellerive says...

"...if it comes to a point in the negotiations where they choose Jean-Max Bellerive, it will be the choice of this president [Martelly] and this parliament...

If he chooses me... It has to be a commitment.... It's not only about choosing a person. It's about choosing some policies I was enforcing in the last 16 months and even before..."


In your opinion, was Jean-Max Bellerive doing a good job as Prime Minister of Haiti?

Do you think President Michel Martelly should KEEP Jean-Max Bellerive as Prime Minister of Haiti?

Why? or Why Not...

Reply with your comments

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Miejo says...

Je crois que nous devons nous abstenir de rendre toujours les blancs responsables, SAK DI MEN KOULEV LA SE LIK TOUYE KOULEV LA...SI PA GEN VANDE PAP GEN ACHTE...

nous les

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Jacky says...

Tres bien dit, Je suis sure que tous les haitiens aimeraient revenir il n'y a aucun

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Jacky says...

Well, First of all I personally do not know Mr. Bellerive enough during his time in office, however just looking at the unfolded situation in Haiti I am not convince of any positive policies that he enforced, therefore, I don't think that there is nothing that he can contribute in a leadership role, perhaps he could help in other area of the Government, look at Haiti's picture now we need People how are not scare to take our challenges and solve the problems we are now confronting" Gangs issue, Insecurity, Job Creation, Decentralization, Fixing the education system, get guns off the streets, restore the autority of the State, lift our face before our neighbor in the Carribbean and before the World; give us the pride that we had some decades ago, I do not think Mr. Bellerive has the guts to dop that, and when it comes to Mr. Martelly, How knows?

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Miejo says...

Ben encore moi, nous pouvons passer 1000 ans a discuter, je ne parle pas de la situation concernant BL, bien de NOTRE propre pays, j'ai bien dit, il y a un temps pour chaque chose sous ce soleil.

HAITI doit se lever et marcher, nous devons savoir que le pays est RICHE, les

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

Lundi'16 mai 2011


Jean-Michel Caroit est un journaliste raciste du Journal Le Monde.

Depuis au moins vingt ans Jean-Michel Caroit pond des articles sur

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Ben says...

Good Morning to you Sir
Thank you for you e-mail .I like to comment about e few lines in what you have send to me
1 Time for

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Alex says...

yes I'll suggested that president Mathely keep Bellerive as prime ministry for the first yea of his presidency do the fact that Bellerive already starting something which Meeky did not know, thus the president should place someone very close to bellerive to work together before nominate a new prime

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Edomnd says...

se yon gro ere pou micky ta chazy bellvie pou premie minis.sil ta fe sa;yo pat menm bezwen votel pou prezidan.

paske bellvie te la sou preval, tout bagay sa yo ap pase li pat janm di anyen ni fe yon deklarasyon.

li menm ak preval se menm

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Miejo says...

Bonjour Ben
Un temps pour chaque chose sous ce soleil.

Il y a aussi un temps pour la raison.


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Bwa San Fey says...

Bellerive spent a lot of times travelling overseas without bringing anything to the country.

One guy wrote that he is a bobotteur.

When he travelled under the Haitian Government umbrella he was only visiting his girlfriends.

I do believe it

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