MINUSTAH Haiti - Edmond Mulet is Gone, MINUSTAH Has A New Leader!

Haiti is under new management and so too is MINUSTAH... Yea Man... Just like Rene Preval, Edmont Mulet went bye bye... LOL.. So who is our new MINUSTAH leader?

Mariano Fernandez, Head of MINUSTAH in Haiti

Drum roll please...

The new Head of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) is Francisco Mariano Fernandez Amunategui, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile.

I gave you his full name because I didn't want you soccer fans out there to confuse the man with Mariano Fernandez, The Argentine soccer player...

NOPE! It's not the same guy... LOL...

Why did get replaced?

Well... was only the Interim (temporary) head of MINUSTAH. He took the position after the previous head of mission, Hedi Annabi, perished in the January 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Also read:

Who is Mariano Fernandez?

Mariano Fernandez is a diplomat, scholar, researcher and former minister of state of the Republic of Chile under President Michelle Bachelet.

Before that, Mariano Fernandez served as third secretary of the embassy in Germany back in 1970's. He was also ambassador of Chile in the United States in 2006.

In March 2009, Mariano Fernandez was appointed foreign minister of Chile by president Michelle Bachelet until March 2010 when Sebastian Pinera became president of Chile

And now... Mr. Fernandez is calling Haiti his new home away from home, as Head of MINUSTAH!


in Haiti. They spent "11 years in a country with no war," , and they have been accused of .

The question is...

1) Will replacing the head of the organization change the image of the mission?

2) Will MINUSTAH's tanks, armored vehicles and soldiers give way to bulldozers, engineers and more police instructors as suggested or will we still be seeing them in their armored vehicles pointing their guns at us?

It is just a question...

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Robert says...

By no mean, I do not want to play the devil's advocate, but after February 29, 2004, does anyone beleive there would be peace in Haiti without MINUSTAH?

Would be there any order in this country with the rebels and some 3,000 prisoniers unleashed mostly criminals like Lous Joseph Chamblin, Jean Tatoune, etc.?

After the fall of Aristide, the rebels took the law in their own hands.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Can we put them to farm the land, plants

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Dr Antonio Pinchinat says...

Accepted by

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