READ THIS - President Martelly Vs. The Haitian Elite

How does the Haitian elite receive Michel Martelly as the new president of Haiti? Here are some quotes to give you an idea... But first...

President Michel Martelly And Haiti Police Chief Mario Andresol

Usually, in Haiti, if the elite doesnt like you, if you DO NOT do what they want, you will not last very long as president... Am I RIGHT or am I right?

I am NOT stating this as a fact but... It's just what I heard...

True or false?

The Haitian elite has been accused many times with "doing certain things" when "certain things" don't go their way...

Wanna know how they feel about President Martelly? Read this...

"For Mr. Martelly, a political novice with little support among the elite, the task [to change Haiti] will take on added difficulty." (The Christian Science Monitor)

"His image as political outsider makes him popular among Haiti's poor, but Martelly will have to court the Haitian elite to guarantee political support of his policies." (Quarterly Americas)

Here is another quote you might find interesting, this one is from Time Magazine...

"In spite of his 2-to-1 victory margin, there are a lot of Haitians, most of them from the country's political and business elite, who are having a hard time swallowing a Martelly presidency...

...The same Haitian elite that's allegedly trying to discredit Martelly with links to the U.S. are the same people who themselves keep homes in the U.S., send their kids to U.S. schools - and, in many cases, secretly hold U.S. citizenship so they can bolt Haiti more quickly when political or natural disaster strikes...

...He [Martelly] too is part of that elite, despite his black sheep image...


Why do they write such nasty things about the Haitian elite?

They are nice people aren't they?

Bill Gates is nice! He is not Haitian but he is really nice to Haiti!

It's not nice to say bad things about good people... LOL...

People with very deep pockets are usually big philanthropists... They build schools, universities, hospitals, and fire stations... Oh My... They donate large sums of money to charity... They build libraries for God sakes?

What? You mean they don't do that in Haiti?

Come on... Rich Haitian people... Build something! I want write about you!


What possible problem could the Haitian elite have with President Michel Martelly?

He is one of them right? Isn't he?

Do we have any... you know... in Haiti... who solemnly swear... to support and defend the Constitution... against all enemies... foreign and DOMESTIC???

Just little crazy things that go trough that crazy little head of mine... That's all...

Hmmmm... M'ale papa!

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Reynald says...

Si elit la pa renmen Mateli yo met kouche kotel.

Kisa yo janm fe pou ayiti se pa prije selman yo prije pep la nan kwa bosal.

Yo fin fe kob nan labou wa epi yo ale nan lelit ban salop

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Val says...

Brother you are so right, in one word the problem of Haiti is education, there is a lack of it and both elite and poor need some. Its a big shame to see in 2011 we Haitians cannot get our sh...

together and still strugling.

As for me I dont think he shld care abt too much abt whether they like him or not, the elite wants one thing, the people also in search of better days but there is also a third category America is to be please as well if he can balance the three, He will be alright believe that. God bless yall and

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Bernard says...

God and Jesus do not have an ego, they do not need to be worshipped, this is the kind of ridiculous knowlege that is killing Haiti, its the same as those belief in voodoo.

The problem with Haiti is that we stayed the same way since independence, the lighter skins controlled everything because they were the sons and daughters of the french, and its has always been that way.The second thing is for the past 60 years every president has pocketed the money and did nothing for the country.

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Edison Senat says...

I dont think the Elite is the problem in Haiti, I dont think is what they think thats matter also, but what they do to help rebuild this country.

At this point we should not be talking of what, he, she thinks but How we all can work together to make this country what he use to be, 300 years

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Noel says...

i hop mi president will have power to stop the

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Robert says...

Very good humor! This is the reality.

And I agree with you

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E. Reyme says...

Brother, I do agree with you, but before going too far, let us define the concept of poor and elite.Our problem must not be seen this way. Both, poor and elite contributed to the destruction of the country.

Remember what the governments of Boyer, Salnave, Aristide, and Preval did to the country in contrast to the so-called elite governments.Both, poor and elite are corrupt, underdeveloped, and deprieved of the sense of reason and critical thinking.Let us find the real reasons of our problems.Are we able to put on a pole the first person who steals, destroy, and mismanages the resources of the nation and execute him/her so others will know they have to respect and protect the "res publica".Are we able to make sacrifice?

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Meme says...

Elite djiol borke malprop e san

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Marc Museau says...

My brothers and sisters, the problem of Haiti is not the so called "Elite" nor the gouvernment.

The solution is acknowledge that Eternal through the Lord Jesus Christ is sovereign.

God deserves all glory praises and worship.And we have the obligation to love our next neighbor just like we love ourselves.

Until we learn to do that we will never advance.


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Lautre niveau, are you sure they are responsible for our suffering?

Wow. For 200 years?

They are crooks too?

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