By no mean, I do not want to play the devil's advocate, but...

Robert - May 18 2011, 11:17 PM

By no mean, I do not want to play the devil's advocate, but after February 29, 2004, does anyone beleive there would be peace in Haiti without MINUSTAH?

Would be there any order in this country with the rebels and some 3,000 prisoniers unleashed mostly criminals like Lous Joseph Chamblin, Jean Tatoune, etc.?

After the fall of Aristide, the rebels took the law in their own hands.

They systematically killed anyone who desagreed with them, dumped containers full with people who did not support them into the sea, not to mention the kidnaping.

How many coup d'Etats would there be by now?

In 2007, Preval himself, said he would have been victim of a coup d'Etat without MINUSTAH.

Until the elite and the Haitian politians grow up and realize everything has a limit, MINUSTAH needs to stay. I personally don't forgive them politicians for 3 of the things they did after February 2004: the intergation of the rebels/criminals into the police force, the release of the prisoniers, and bleaching of Louis Joseph Chamblin, Jean Tatoune, and other FRAP members.

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