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RE: Haiti - Reynold Georges says: Election Commission is a PLOT to KICK Jovenel Moise Out of the Presidential Race

Ou pa gin sik sa a sou bonbon nou Vann vole.Se sa nou bezoin,pou to retire Jovenel nan kous la.Ou pa gin sik sa a sou bonbon w.Jovenel pired nan... more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti - Farah Juste ARRESTED in Florida for Protesting against Jovenel Moise Without a Permit

Jah love. I am very happy that they protested Jovenel Moise. And I am glad that they were released shortly after their arrest. Ayiti's legacy is... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Digicel Poll: Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise on top of Presidential Race

Fo profet. Digitel(DiGiSik) te ka fe mieu ke sa. Si neg banann nan pat deziem mwen taka bay youn ti kredi ak survey sa. Menm madam Jovenel Moise ak... more »

RE: AUDIO: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles di li PAP Suporte Jude Celestin come Candidat a la Presidence

Mon cher moise pa konnin sa li jude an face jovenel se pou moise ta siporte jude si moise ta yon lider ki we Haiti avan problem personel li... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - New BRIDES Poll places Jovenel Moise on Top with 41 percent

The people of Haiti can see that Mr. Jovenel Moise is for the people and his country and not about greed and corruption. I would love to See this... more »

RE: Haiti - Jovenel Moise di: Patience nou gen LIMIT

Jovenel you are part of the problem what are talking about, more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Guy Philippe Endorses Jovenel Moise for Presisdent

He is absolutely right. Even here in the USA, we have some big calloused feet Haitians who look like they used to walk bare feet for days in the... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise says Electoral Process Must Continue in the interest of Democracy

His declaration is correct the electoral process must continue vive Jovenel Moise for president more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Kick JOVENEL OUT, That's what the Opposition Wants - True or False?

Jovenel Moise should stay in their race more »

RE: PHOTO: Haiti - Jovenel Moise et sa Femme Martine - Carifesta

Jovenel président tout sa kap bay tét yo problèm al bwé te vévenn. more »