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RE: FLASH: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles MANIFESTATION against President Jovenel Moise 12 Sept 2017

Moise Jn-Charles is right. Let's get the apprentice president out the National Palace. more »

RE: Haiti Manifestation : Moise Jean Charles is at it again. 3-day Manif against Jovenel Moise

Of course, the Haitian media put Moise Jean-Charles up to it. Those journalists enjoy destroying the country. more »

RE: Haitians on Social Media overly Negative towards Moise Jean Charles and his Movement against President Jovenel Moise

Neg Moise Jean Charles, cà? Loas l'Afrique Guinin yo, ayez pitié de ce conard..Abobo! more »

RE: Haiti Politics - PHTK Candidate found Dead near Jovenel Moise's Vehicle

I never want to here something like that. Horrible. Criminal. Now Jovenel has to focus on the electoral investigation to clearly show he won on... more »

RE: FLASH AUDIO: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles di li pral leve kanpe kont Jovenel Moise

Pami diaspora yo, Moise Jean chwal, diaspora an Guyane française pa bezwenw kom pot parol yo ok? defann lot. more »

Les Haitiens sur les médias sociaux sont très négatifs envers Moise Jean Charles et son mouvement contre le President Jovenel Moise

Si le leader du Pitit Desalin, Moise Jean Charles, comptait uniquement sur les réseaux sociaux haïtiens pour pousser son mouvement contre... more »

RE: Haiti - Andre Michel : Jovenel Moise has NOT ONE Chance in One THOUSAND to be President

Ou kwè se Moise Jn chwal ki KA prisidenw. Se li ki pa gen problem sa li mm? Femin figiw more »

RE: Haiti President Jovenel Moise sends a "Get Well" Message to his foe Moise Jean Charles

This is a true pronouncement from statesman and a wise politician. more »

RE: Moise Jean Charles says: It's too late to negotiate with Jovenel Moise!

What is wrong with that guy? Is he crazy or what? We have family in the country he needs to learn to respect other's lives! more »