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RE: FLASH: Haiti - BCEN Final Decision, Jovenel Moise STAYS in the Race, Election Tet Dwat

Jovenel against Jude for 2nd round election 2016. more »

RE: SCOOP: Moise Jean Charles says: I will not receive President Jovenel if he comes to see me at the Hospital

Why would President Jovenel waste his time to visit Ti VAGABON an, I'm pretty sure he have better things to do. more »

RE: Depute Gary Bodeau warns, it is 'Make or Break' for Haiti president Jovenel Moise

President Jovenel must tighten his belt and disband the PARLEMENT more »

RE: Haiti Question : SI Election fet Jodi a, JUDE Celestin vs JOVENEL Moise, Kiyes k'ap PRESIDENT?

Jouvenel Moise paske se li sel ki gen yon programme pou payi a more »

RE: Haiti Elections - The Commission the G8 wishes for is NOT what they're Getting...

Of course they are upset! They wanted to oust Jovenel Moise and replace him with all of them. Ha ha! Correcting errors and making sure there is no... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Kick JOVENEL OUT, That's what the Opposition Wants - True or False?

If Jovenel Moise was truly qualified to be in the second round, the commission will confirm that. Now, we need a fair analysis of the 2015 votes to... more »

RE: Haiti Politics: President Jovenel Moise has succeeded in crushing the street movement, journalist Guerrier Henry says

He is good at what he is doing. Way to go Mr. President Jovenel. May God always protect you and your family. more »

RE: Moise Jean Charles says: It's too late to negotiate with Jovenel Moise!

I hope that the Haitian government resist these protests as much as they can; the international community does not believe in these power crazy any... more »