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RE: Haiti President Jovenel Moise sends a "Get Well" Message to his foe Moise Jean Charles

This is a true pronouncement from statesman and a wise politician. more »

RE: Moise Jean Charles says: It's too late to negotiate with Jovenel Moise!

What is wrong with that guy? Is he crazy or what? We have family in the country he needs to learn to respect other's lives! more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti - La Police ak Kagoul Bloke Maitre Claudy Gassant nan Delmas

Jovenel moise ronfle 53 nan loozer yo malgresa li asepte yon min koul ye ya tout leve kont li,pou kisa tout loozer pa groupe yo ansamb,le saa ya we... more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise wants to Sit Down and Talk to Jude Celestin

Sa jovenel la ye menm Jel kole sou Judes sal vle ofri Judes la more »

RE: Haiti - Reynold Georges says: Election Commission is a PLOT to KICK Jovenel Moise Out of the Presidential Race

Jovenel M. + Reynold G + Michel M.= farine mem sak. more »

RE: Haiti Question : SI Election fet Jodi a, JUDE Celestin vs JOVENEL Moise, Kiyes k'ap PRESIDENT?

Jouvenel Moise paske se li sel ki gen yon programme pou payi a more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti - BCEN Final Decision, Jovenel Moise STAYS in the Race, Election Tet Dwat

Jovenel against Jude for 2nd round election 2016. more »