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RE: FLASH: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles demands the Departure of president Jovenel Moise from office

Moise Jean Charles needs to cool off. Let's be constructive by doing something positive for Haiti. Komanse pa bale la ri yo, ranmase fatra, konbat... more »

RE: Haitians on Social Media overly Negative towards Moise Jean Charles and his Movement against President Jovenel Moise

Bon yo pap janm pale byen de Moy non paske yo pa konprann valè lit ke lap mennen an more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Mirlande Manigat says she Supports the G8, Yes to Government of Transition, She is Ready

@Creole--with all due respect, please tell me why you love Jude C so much??? What is his plan for Haiti? Why didn't he ever show up for any debates... more »

RE: Haiti Election Contestation - Maryse Narcisse challenges Jovenel Moise Votes at BCED

I think that they don't wanna contest it because of the fact that the CEP will still be on Jovenel side and make him win the first round without... more »

RE: FLASH : Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise wins Presidency with 55.67 percent of the votes

Congratulations Mr. Obama. Dènye zèl kat Obama avan'l kite pouvwa a. Li realize sa'l pat ka fè le 8 Novanm 2016 pou Hillary Clinton... more »

Haiti: Moise Jean Charles affronté par le sénateur Dieudonne Luma Etienne samedi pour unir ses forces avec le président Jovenel

Le leader de l'opposition politique haitienne Moise Jean Charles (Milot, Nord) a été confronté à l'un des siens, le... more »

RE: PHOTO: Haiti - Jovenel Moise ap fe Kanpay, Jude Celestin ap fe Reunion

Jovenel Apral nan eleksyon am papal On swal yon nan kidnape michel martelly ki te konn kidnape moun ki vin kidnape vot pep la more »

RE: FLASH: La Police Mirebalais ale sou route national la ap fe wout pou President Jovenel Moise pase ale Marchand Dessalines

A moment like this,that when have to say i missed Duvalier,for Andre Michel,Moise Jean Charles and more. more »

RE: Haiti - Schiller Louidor di: Jovenel Moise c'est un Reve Eterre

Jovenel ap retounen nan jaden bannann pouri Sweet Miki bal jere a. Apre 7 Fevriye pyes radyo, jounal, televizyon pa dwe bay bandi legal woz yo... more »

RE: Moise Jean Charles: I wrote to Jovenel Moise and told him to Resign

Yeah he need to resign from his post he can not run the country. more »