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RE: Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles says: Waiting for CEP to Kick JOVENEL Moise Out of the Race

Who is Moise J.Charles,I never know that I could despised someone with such passion,how in the world this thing is still alive,his a... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - European Union election monitors arrive for 27 December Elections

Paské Jude Céléstin malonèt, ti gato sa a sé yon ti gato poul ta rémèt Jovenel Moise. Bagay yo trè klè... more »

RE: Moise Jean Charles: I wrote to Jovenel Moise and told him to Resign

Who the hell is he? to asked the president of a republic to resign is he ignorant or stupid? more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles says there will NOT be a Parliament after Jovenel Moise

The radio station is the problem allowing the opposition to speak on the radio. more »

Ki kote President Jovenel ye nan moman an?

Yon Jounalis Radio mega di President Jovenel Moise fek pase PeguyVille, aviron 9:15am konsa, jounen Manifestaton 17 Octobre 2018 la. Eske se marchan... more »

RE: Les Haitiens sur les médias sociaux sont très négatifs envers Moise Jean Charles et son mouvement contre le President Jovenel Moise

Les problèmes sérieux du pays ne se règlent pas à travers les Rues. Moise Jean Charles travaille pour une classe il fait du tord... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - New BRIDES Poll places Jovenel Moise on Top with 41 percent

I think the electoral council must stop organization propagandists making a job lake this.Antilavalas,Anti Moïse jn Charles they in... more »

RE: FLASH : Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise wins Presidency with 55.67 percent of the votes

Well, the only thing left to say, is congratulating Mr Moise on his victory. Let us hope and pray that the rest of the pack accepts the result, and... more »

RE: Haiti - Schiller Louidor di: Jovenel Moise c'est un Reve Eterre

Ce Schiller Louidor peut dire tout ce qu'il veut. Jovenel c'est un Génie pour cette ère more »

Jovenel Moise debarase l de Wilson Laleau ak Yves Germain Joseph

Men Nouvel... Jovenel Moise debarase l de Wilson Laleau, Yves Germain Joseph. 16 konseye ki bò kote l pèdi job yo nan moman an more »