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RE: FLASH: La Police Mirebalais ale sou route national la ap fe wout pou President Jovenel Moise pase ale Marchand Dessalines

A moment like this,that when have to say i missed Duvalier,for Andre Michel,Moise Jean Charles and more. more »

RE: Haiti - Schiller Louidor di: Jovenel Moise c'est un Reve Eterre

Jovenel ap retounen nan jaden bannann pouri Sweet Miki bal jere a. Apre 7 Fevriye pyes radyo, jounal, televizyon pa dwe bay bandi legal woz yo... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles says: Waiting for CEP to Kick JOVENEL Moise Out of the Race

Who is Moise J.Charles,I never know that I could despised someone with such passion,how in the world this thing is still alive,his a... more »

RE: Moise Jean Charles: I wrote to Jovenel Moise and told him to Resign

Yeah he need to resign from his post he can not run the country. more »

RE: Haiti Elections - European Union election monitors arrive for 27 December Elections

Paské Jude Céléstin malonèt, ti gato sa a sé yon ti gato poul ta rémèt Jovenel Moise. Bagay yo trè klè... more »

RE: Moise Jean Charles: I wrote to Jovenel Moise and told him to Resign

Who the hell is he? to asked the president of a republic to resign is he ignorant or stupid? more »

RE: FLASH: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles says there will NOT be a Parliament after Jovenel Moise

The radio station is the problem allowing the opposition to speak on the radio. more »

Ki kote President Jovenel ye nan moman an?

Yon Jounalis Radio mega di President Jovenel Moise fek pase PeguyVille, aviron 9:15am konsa, jounen Manifestaton 17 Octobre 2018 la. Eske se marchan... more »

RE: Les Haitiens sur les médias sociaux sont très négatifs envers Moise Jean Charles et son mouvement contre le President Jovenel Moise

Les problèmes sérieux du pays ne se règlent pas à travers les Rues. Moise Jean Charles travaille pour une classe il fait du tord... more »

RE: Haiti Elections - New BRIDES Poll places Jovenel Moise on Top with 41 percent

I think the electoral council must stop organization propagandists making a job lake this.Antilavalas,Anti Moïse jn Charles they in... more »