It is sad to see how Haiti has become so weak under the...

Jean Claude Pierre - July 21 2015, 10:47 AM

It is sad to see how Haiti has become so weak under the malicious grip of many other countries, trying to bend down and put under their feet the values of this great nation who has made great history around the world.

We have blown the trumpet of freedom for all, even our little sister who now, demands that we bow at her feet. I have never seen Masters bow at servants feet. That is absurd and violations to nature's principles.

We will never and ever do such a thing.

I believe that our conscience is our biggest judge.

It is the motor inside all of us that tells us what is right or wrong.

When to render justice to those who deserve it. Other wise, we are not human, because our conscience is constantly beating our emotions and intellect to do good and not evil to those around us. We are brothers and sisters, and we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

We all have the right to live free and every where we want, as long as we remain human and social.

As long as we live in constant harmony and love with ourselves and our neighbors.

Let there be Peace!

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