It is equally sad to see how Haitians dwell on its "great...

Ricart - July 21 2015, 11:41 AM

It is equally sad to see how Haitians dwell on its "great history" and past glories, when we all know that is not the key to develop a nation and to better serve its citizens.

Blowing the trumpet of freedom does not give Haiti or any other nation carte blanche to dump its destitute citizens on other countries.

You cannot bend what's already been bent economically, military, morally, socially; Haiti paid an indemnification to France which no other colony paid; Haiti failed to subjugate the Dominican Republic; Nowadays, Haiti is a failed states and the poorest and most illiterate country in the Western Hemisphere; You cannot ask Haiti to bend any further than that; And only a delusional fool would place such failed state in the category of "Master".

You talked about the "the values of this great nation"; There's no value in selling your citizens to Dominican Republic so they can slave as cane-cutters; there is not value in dwelling in past glories; there is no value in dumping your destitute citizens on other countries; there is no value in living on less than two dollars per day; there is no value in paying protestors to burn tires and disrupt traffic and economic activities to advance a political agenda; there is no value in placing burning tires on the neck of protestors and burning them alive.

Please, spare us your selective and idiotic indignation!

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