Haiti Government will NOT Apologize the Dominicans, Communication Minister says

Haiti Communication Minister Rotchild Francois Jr. made it clear that the Haitian government will NOT apologize to Dominican Authorities over the immigration crisis dialog can continue... It is the Dominican Government who has to get on board and continue with the dialogue...

Flag of Haiti And Dominican Republic

KREYOL: Haiti PAP mande Dominicain PADON... Se sa Minis Kominikasyon Rothild Francois Jr fè Konnen... Otorite Dominicain yo ekzije ke Haiti mande yo padon poutet leta Haitien ap fe yon kanpay pou fè yo lèd nan zafè rapatriye imigran Haitien yo pa bann e pa paket san respè dewa yo... Mande Dominican PADON? Kisa ou panse de sa???

This news came a few days after Dominican authorities asked for a public apology from the Haitian government...

"We are open to dialogue," the communication Minister said, "we are defending the interest of our country."

The Dominican Republic accused of Haiti of spreading a smear campaign about them treating Haitians inhumanely...

What do you think about that?

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Mireille says...

This is outrageous for a fact my nephew suffered a lot of injustice and abuses from the Dominicans we do not owe any apologies.

To these evil people.

As far as my family is concerned they can put the highest and longest wall to seperate us from them they are an abomination to

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Ricart says...

I find it amazing how we Dominicans always manage to outsmart and outmaneuver Haitians.

The Dominican government said it would only open immigration and deportations dialogue with Haiti if the latter apologize for their smear campaign against DR.

By refusing to apologize, Haitians are giving Dominicans an excuse not to improve communication, designate border points, times, and other critical factors of the repatriation process.

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Neston Shilove says...

Si ta gen pou mande padon se republic dominikèn q dwe mande nou padon paske se yo q pa respekte fwa ak devwa konfrè frè nou yo nan repiblik la. Ti nasyon sa merite pran yon leson pou sispann respekte moun. Jounen jodi a ayiti kontinye a 70% minimum nan ekonomi yo men yo men pa respekte.

Nou di non ak jan de konpoteman sa yo otorite dominiken yo afiche kont nou paske se nou q fè yo pèp u nasyon jounen jodi

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Ricart says...

"If the Forces Armees d'Haiti were not disbanded, the Dominican government would not dare treat the Haitians that way"

The army you had would no have been able to counter this; Dominicans control the skies over Hispaniola.

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Ricart says...

It is equally sad to see how Haitians dwell on its "great history" and past glories, when we all know that is not the key to develop a nation and to better serve its citizens.

Blowing the trumpet of freedom does not give Haiti or any other nation carte blanche to dump its destitute citizens on other countries.

You cannot bend what's already been bent economically, military, morally, socially; Haiti paid an indemnification to France which no other colony paid; Haiti failed to subjugate the Dominican Republic; Nowadays, Haiti is a failed states and the poorest and most illiterate country in the Western Hemisphere; You cannot ask Haiti to bend any further than that; And only a delusional fool would place such failed state in the category of "Master".

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Fernand Etienne says...

All those things happened because of that mother fucker aristide.

If the Forces Armees d'Haiti were not disbanded, the Dominican government would not dare treat the Haitians that way. It is time to judge him for theft and

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Jean Claude Pierre says...

It is sad to see how Haiti has become so weak under the malicious grip of many other countries, trying to bend down and put under their feet the values of this great nation who has made great history around the world.

We have blown the trumpet of freedom for all, even our little sister who now, demands that we bow at her feet. I have never seen Masters bow at servants feet. That is absurd and violations to nature's principles.

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Ricart says...

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; Haitian authorities do not feel obligated to apologize for their smear campaign against the Dominican Republic; in return, Dominican authorities made it known that they are not obligated to sit down with their Haitian counterparts to discuss immigration issues and to coordinate the deportations; Haiti does not have the ability to negotiate from a position of power at any level, so we all know which one will crack first in this

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Andee says...

PAp janm gen salami konsa.

Nou pito mouri ak kouline nn men nou tan pou nou ta viv

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Pierre Victor says...

apologize are you fucking killing me, apologize for what?

chiupp dr fucking

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