I Understand that Président Martelly did not have any...

Patrick Princivil - May 20 2014, 4:36 PM

I Understand that Président Martelly did not have any experience in politic and I understand that if anybody go on Google and type Michel Martelly with his commercial identity call sweet Micky, just type that name and type YouTube you will see all his identy in the past. But this didn't block him from became Président of Haïti, I think God in heaven try to show us we are not better than each other, we need to fix ourself.

This is a good example for us: whatever worst US'-government Canada are, we can learn good thing as good example: if we break the law we will pay for that, we don't need a third dictator in Haïti, but Président Martelly should find the same way to fix the trouble maker in Haïti. we have to understand that, Jean Claude Duvalier was a dictator, who put the dictators for their own profit?

The answer is US's government, after they finish to use them they ask them to live the country, if they don't do it they make arrangement with the new government and destroy them, even thou Jean Claude Duvalier accepted to live Haïti. US's government and CNN mocked him, he was dictator, he was thief, who put him on power?

Watch the wicked birds.

When tonton makoutes of Haïti transformed in dragon to eat us in Haïti God delivered us it was not US's government who did that, Jesus-Christ who did that for us. Remember! There was a law Satan and the bad angels put on the table for each tonton makoutes who need promotion in Haiti had to bring 50 heads of Haitian's people for sacrifice for a 4 by 4 car call (pajero), Haitian who were in Haïti in 1986 should know what I am talking about.

Imagine if God's power wasn't there tonton makoutes would eat all of us. Later US' government and CNN was the first to criticize Jean Claude Duvalier is dictator an thief.

I don't know for you guys I am a black man born in Haïti, I became Canadian's citizen, but cut my skin and cut white people's skin we have the same blood the same sinners, but remember! There is a difference between Christian who worship God in heaven and the the wicked.

Remember! Trouble's maker can be prisoner, but the hypocrite tortured and killed Jesus-Christ for no raison; a lot of Christians and prophets go in the jails and killed over and over. What the government want exactly?

We do good we pay the price, we do wrong we pay the price, what is their issue?

Nations open your eyes, we are under attack by the enemies.

The government of Haïti can't punish trouble maker, if they bring criminals's leader in trial their agents organize manifestation, they burn tires on the street, they destroy cars, block the street; why US'-government don't send some good anti-gays and anti-lesbian from his government to help us fix that issue in Haïti?

Président Martelly and Lamothe works hard to fix Haïti the other politic's party work hard to destroy, to block the street breaking people's cars for the thieves to steal, break people's business for the thieves to steal and burn tires.

Who can we choose in the next election in Haïti in 2016?

I am honest with you the way they act I will not give Martelly and Lamothe's dogs for them, Senators are doing manifestation burning tires against Président, everywhere in Haïti all the wicked's songs are (geto) gangs, stealing, robbing, God we are tired.

Before God put his good people to lead country of Israel the bible tell us King David, Solomon, Samuel, Esther, Joshua etc. had issue in their governments, but it wasn't in that situation, why the wicked are so powerful like that today?

In Jesus's name we don't eat beans we will not caca beans.

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