TRUE or FALSE? When a troublemaker is arrested in a Haiti manifestation, he becomes a 'political prisoner'

Haitian Politics case study - What is a political prisonner? What is a legitimate arrest in times of political tensions? --- There is something I don't quite understand as far as 'Manifestation Politique' in Haiti is concerned... Everytime a troublemaker is arrested during a protest, opposition leaders cry "Prisionier Politique." This seems to contradict a statement made recently by a Haitian lawyer recently...

Mario Beauvoir - Haitian Lawyer
Mario Beauvoir - Haitian Lawyer

Following the arrest of Rony Thimotee of FOKARK, Mario Beuvoir, one of his lawyers told the media:

"Chak fwa ke gen yen Manifestation k-ap fet li [Rony Timothe] toujou pran le soin pou li invite la police... Automatiquement ke pa police invite nan yon manifestation, tout fauteur de trouble, tout moun ki atann fè dezod, la police gen pou devoir pou procede a l'arrestation yo comme ca droit..."

Translation: Every time there is a prottest in Haiti, the police in invited... As soon as the Police is imvited in a protest, any troublemaker, anyone who intends to cause problems, it is the duty of the police to arrest that person...

NOW... Is it me or do they flip on the police whenever they do make arrests during and after a protest?

What do you think about this?

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Jay says...

bwavo pou ou zanmi m mwen apiye w san pou

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Bonito says...

There doesn't seem to have been any flip on the Police whose duty is to safeguard the security of the citizenry.

On the contrary, having informed them of a manifestation places them at an advantage to perform as they should, and it is outrageous to downright macabre in the least to assume this renders Rony Timotee a troublemaker which in and of itself is a public accusation in search of a public trial and

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Patrick Princivil says...

I Understand that Président Martelly did not have any experience in politic and I understand that if anybody go on Google and type Michel Martelly with his commercial identity call sweet Micky, just type that name and type YouTube you will see all his identy in the past. But this didn't block him from became Président of Haïti, I think God in heaven try to show us we are not better than each other, we need to fix ourself.

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Blondine says...

Men non lis moun ki ta dwe nan prizon pou konplo kont leta: Simon Dieusel Desras, John Joel John, Jean Baptiste Bien-aimé, Anick Francois, André Victor, Turneb Delpé, Ansito Felix, André Michel, Newton St. Juste, Evans Beaubrun, Francky Exius, Moise Jean Charles, Myrlande Manigat, Jean-Bertrand Aristide et

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Dominique Sou Facebook says...

Yon mou kap kraze brize nan manifestation pa yon "prizonye politik" li se yon delinkan, li se yon malfekte, yo sipoze mete laksyon piblik kont li. Paske li fe sa yo rele zak vandalis, piyaj ak destkriktyon.

Paske demokrasi se fe respekte lalwa e fe aplike lalwa.

li pa di-w al kraze ni brize okenn byen mounn.

Tout sak pa dwat anba

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Bwa San Fey says...

La police pa gin dwa arete moun kap fe demonstrasion tou otan la police pa we moun nan ap kraze vit auto. Ce arace yap arace moun yo pou yo pa fe

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Woody says...

Vraie ou Faux?

Lè la police Haiti arete yon vagabon nan yon manifestation ki ap fè dezòd, bay zafè moun dife, kraze vit machinn, opposition an di se yon "prisonier politique" li ye...

Wi tout sitwayen gen dwa manifeste, an menm tan an tou, lot sitwayen den dwa tou pou louvri biznis yo san krent ke manifestan ap vinn kraze biznis yo. lot sitwayen gen dwa pou pran ti machinn yo al travay pou fe lajan pou okipe fanmi yo san yo pa krent ke manifestan ap kraze vit machinn

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Subject: TRUE or FALSE? When a troublemaker is arrested in a Haiti manifestation, he becomes a 'political prisoner' edit

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