When Bahamas said it publicly that it want to place...

Agent-x - May 30 2012, 1:03 PM

When Bahamas said it publicly that it want to place intelligence officers in Haiti, this means those Intelligence Officers-I/O are already in Haiti since several months or years.

Don't be surprised if some of them are Haitians, Dominicans or from other countries.

Haiti needs a shadow government composed of real Haitian patriots, non-ti-grangous, that will bypass the machinations of its financial elite and its 5 governors General which are the main 5 Embassies that currently acting as Governor General of the Island and dictate their desiderata to the puppet president.

Thus, the shadow government will create an informal counter intelligence services to take care of those problem since most Haitian governments are lackey and are imposed by the True Axis of Evil-TAoE.

Thus, they are working at the pleasure of foreign interests and are willing to massacre any amount of Haitians under those foreign orders like Francois Duvalier did.

I cannot discuss the fate of those spies if we caught them, but a sensible approach is to recycled them and have them work for us through an interlock of safety system to monitor their actions.

It is wiser to monitor and use the known spies than to eliminate them physically because when they will be replaced by other spies we will temporarily lost control of the situation.

The trick is to get rid of them by disabling them from functioning.

The ways and means to get rid of them could be achieved through: bribery, supply of voluptuous femme fatale, courtesan,courtiers, Don Juan, black mails, white mails, green mails etc..

to name a few

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The only solution with these spies is hanging them...


Bahamas want to place intelligence officers in Haiti to spy on Haitians.

Haitians have a legitimate right to get rid by any means necessary of any intelligence officer on the Haitian...

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