Ti Coq, I see your point. However, the haitian's constitution...

Ga Tane - March 13 2012, 8:03 PM

Ti Coq,

I see your point.

However, the haitian's constitution does not allow haitian(s) born in a foreign country with haitian parents to become the head of state of Haiti or a prime minister and the list goes on, unless if the parents were diplomates.

Haitian children who are the offsprings of haitians, but born in a country like the USA are US citizens.

Since Haiti does not have the duo-nationality law in the constitution, that person is the citizen of where he/she was born, regardless if he/she lives in Haiti from a young age.

Let's take my case: I was born and raised in Haiti, my mother is a full blown dominican and my father is haitian, what am I?

I am haitian because I was born in the land, but neither my brothers, sisters or I can ever become the head of state (just an exemple, I am not into haitian politiques), because one of my parents is not haitian born.

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Ga, Tane: Here is her point? What is the Haiti's...

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