Ga, Tane: Here is her point? What is the Haiti's constitution...

Ti Coq - March 13 2012, 12:08 PM

Ga, Tane:
Here is her point?

What is the Haiti's constitution position vis a vis
of those Kids?

( born outside of Haiti and living in Haiti)

Based on Article 11 ( originally from 1801 constitution )
If born from Haitian mother or father they are Haitians
Those kids born from haitian father and mother should have
the same right then any other Haitian when in Haiti.

That's why some Dominican says any kids bone from Haitian parents are Haitian based on Haiti's konstitution.

There is almost half a milion Dominican children in this category.

But, Haitian constitution did not anticipated massive Exodus of Haitians.

Such Special situation not contempleted.

Well a true detail amandement on Diaspora issues is needed.

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