The enemies of Haiti are insulting Haiti and Sean Penn

Agent-x - May 21 2012, 9:25 AM

According to Student Operated Press May 20th, 2012, by Robert Paul Reyes, Crazy Sean Penn Goes On Tirade Against Celebs & Media For 'Haiti Fatigue'

"SEAN PENN has blasted his peers and the global media for turning their back on Haiti at a glitzy Cannes Film Festival gala.

The Oscar winner was among the guests of honor at the black-tie Haiti: Carnival in Cannes fundraiser to benefit the victims of the 2010 earthquake, but there was something he felt he needed to get off his chest first.


Taking aim at the media on the red carpet, the outspoken actor and activist raged, `It`s not only celebrities who went for a day. It`s the whole f**king world.

It`s all of you.`"


Haiti is a crime-ridden impoverished country where political corruption is pervasive; there is nothing in this godforsaken country`s past or present to suggest it will ever overcome its endemic and intractable problems.

Even nature seems to be against Haiti, earthquakes and hurricanes batter the island with alarming regularity.

The celeb (Sean Penn) who has taken up Haiti as his cause is disliked by most Americans; I`m liberal but I can`t stand the self-righteous blowhard.

The money that been donated to Haiti by well-meaning Americans has lined the pockets of corrupt government officials, and the crime lords who control the streets.

I don`t mind donating money to a country in crisis, as long as I know that most of the funds will go to help the victims.

I donated money to Japan when it was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.

Japan is a modern, civilized, and democratic nation, and the government used the donated funds to actually help the victims of the disaster.

I don`t have anything against Haitians -- I`m pragmatic to the core and I understand that regardless if we send billions to Haiti, ten years from now, a hundred years from now Haiti will still be an economic disaster.

Sean Penn got away with his profane tirade to his audience of celebs and big shots, but if he gave the same type of speech to an audience of regular Americans, he would need an army of bodyguards.

F-You Penn, we have celeb-fatigue, and we can decide for ourselves which causes to support.

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