Monel, If you have been to the states, you know even...

Bernadette - February 15 2012, 10:01 PM

Monel, If you have been to the states, you know even naturalized citizens always refer to themselves as citizens of wherever they are from. When asked where they are from, the answer is always given to the reference to where they are originally from. US does not recognized double citizenship, France, on the other hand, does recognize multiple citizenship.

WE, as Haitians have been battled with this issue for years now. It is about time that we draw a conclusion.

In my humble opinion, the Haitian diaspora has done so many positives for the Country, It would have been a shame if they are excluded from Haiti's politics.

Haitians in Country feel like Haitians away from Haiti have the advantage of better education and possibly acquired innovative ways to deal with issues Haiti has been grappled with for decades.

They, in country, feel at a disadvantage.

There are other ways to deal with the situation than excluding the diaspora...

So far, there is no conclusive proof, that Martelly is a citizen of another country.

Personally, I think we are making too much of the issue.

The situation should have been dealt with before he was elected with 67.5% of the Haitian votes.

THE PEOPLE wanted him and have elected him. For whatever minor fraudulent act that went on during the elections, it does not matter anymore.

We need to learn to lick our wounds and move forward.

If there is a lesson to learn, let us learn it so, next time, we should think very carefully before we cast a vote. You see, Monel, The norm is our president are most of the time ousted by coups.

It is also time that we let our president finished his or her term in peace.

If we want people to believe in us, we must clean house ourselves, that is we must learn to COMPROMISE.

Not every issue should be dealt with a 50 caliber sniper riffle.

If the President happened to own a foreign passport, it is an issue.

But view of the circumstances of our Country, we must weigh the consequences.

Chances are a coup d'Etat will bring political chaos and bloodshed.

Who truly will suffer?

The people who are not insulated from political harm, e.g. the poor, the homeless, the 90% that we care so much about and feel so powerless in helping them where it counts.

The good people have suffered too much to subject them to another layer of pain and suffering.

You see, the good people collectively elected a president; It was their choice, regardless of the quality of the choice.

They have made it. Please let's give them hope, let us fight to keep their hope alive.

Let's NOT TAKE AWAY the only power they have. To me, the Haitian people matter a lot more then a dubious constitution that was bias to the few who constructed it anyway.

The people are real, their pain and suffering are real. The constitution is faked at best.

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Bernadette you're right,any Haitian who were born in...



Yes,the president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martely is a citizen American,according to the last statement of the US...

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