Bernadette, I understand your preoccupation the way you care...

Monel - February 16 2012, 2:37 AM

Bernadette, I understand your preoccupation the way you care for Haiti, I really congratulate your posting who shown some frustration too.
You don't need to be in the state to know United states doesn't recognize double citizenship, that's doesn't mean that's true in every case, because we already dealt with so many cases like the former senator Rudolph Boulosse who were citizen American, then he got a Haitian passport with a us visa, how do call that?.

Bernadette, me personally, I don't have any problems with the Haitian Diasporas, first level I was living there since 1993 after the coup d'etat Michel Francois Cedras as political refugee.I've known the diasporas very well, and I know that 60% of the Haiti middle class well educated live over there.

I believe without the Haitian who've lived outside, Haiti could go no where.But question people could asked, why they wanna be president only to do something for Haiti.yes, me,you and others have sent almost $1 milliard dollars for our families to do for example:paid school, paid rent of built the private houses and send food for their families.

Why I've never seen any hospitals, any big school or university and others has named"DIASPORA",or any Diaspora's corporation come to make an highway named diaspora.only they have to be president to do something for Haiti, at the same talking that's ashamed too.
I don't have problem either for any circumstances a Haitian got an another nationality, that's their choice, but even though you called our constitution as a fake, this is only one we got, we have to deal with it and respect it as long as it exists.

we could not be accepted anyone play about Haitian people suffering to do any compromise above our constitution,.we do believe in democracy, we don't believe in coup d'etat as Martely used to participate like"Ninjas" to terrorize Haitian people in 1991,we should never forget that.
By the way you said, there is no conclusive proof, that Martely is a citizen of another country, why you need a conclusion, according to US ambassador Kenneth Murten, the US passport number that senator M.Jean Charles gave the commission don't have any implication with Michel Martely.

But the US ambassador has not denied that martely does not an American, that's mean martely got a US passport number too, because Kenneth Murten said according to the American laws, they not supposed to any individual's information about, unless the person in question request that..

I think that would be benefited for Martely, if he has corporated with the parliament's commission to clarify this matter if he wanna governed Haiti for 5 years, otherwise if he wanna be swimming in his mistake is his choice.

Bernadette I'm not agree with you when you said Martely was elected with 67.5%of Haitian people, that's an aberration of language.

Do you 700 thousands votes represent all Haitians in 4 millions 5 hundreds thousands people who got age to vote, only 1 millions was participated in that mascarade Gayo Dorsainvil OEA preval la.
That's ashamed if you considered the 700 thousands people who were voted Martely, are the good people for you, is your choice, but WE, the 3 millions 5 hundreds thousands who did not participate in that mascarade are not good people, in a matter of days we gonna fight to become good people too, unless Michel Martely will be provided his true identify.

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Monel, If you have been to the states, you know even...



Yes,the president of Haiti Mr. Joseph Michel Martely is a citizen American,according to the last statement of the US...

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