Carl, point of correction again. (Carl Says: The very few...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 13 2012, 6:02 AM

Carl, point of correction again.

(Carl Says: The very few people who think they are don't matter to truly make an impact in today's society.

I think you have made a mistake by associating Bernadette with Aristocracy)

Jean Pierre Alexandre says:
Carl, show me in any of my postings, i associate that woman name in or with Aristocracy!
Show me in anyway you please, that i said her implicitness is not an impact in Haitian affairs!

Point of correction again.

I think you've made a mistake thinking Aristocrats don't do charity works or giving to the poor. If you want input, i can always give you some examples.

Please Carl, do not connect me with gossip, Agent-x's problems with any other bloggers.

This is final regarding such conversation.

I am interested only in agriculture(food productions),bad politicians, bad criminals, bad business men and women involves in Haiti.

Let's talk about digging for oil in Haiti.


Take care

Response to:

Jean Pierre, I am with you on that one 100%...


Agent-x,Refresh Your Input

Agent-x,this is to keep you busy from thinking about Aristide. I hope this could keep you thinking for a few...

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