Agent-x, you are disturbing me here for real. When i read your...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 13 2012, 7:37 AM

Agent-x, you are disturbing me here for real.
When i read your posting this morning, thinking someting new or news, it's only rubbish.

Word of advise, get hold on yourself and behave like an angel, you are acting like a back stabber, i don't know your problems but it is affecting your duty and performance on your daily Vitamins news.
Stop disturbing the blog with your problems.

Smart person like you should know how not to mix certain things together.

Remember"life is like Chemicals"

Jean Pierre Alexandre say"i will no longer want to F U C K with you, if you don't stop behave like a baby in this blog.

Get yourself together.


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Agent-X has very good news for the B


farewell party Sat 14 before the degenerate will go to Florida Nursing Home

This is a memo to all the blogger community. This abstraction is not a distraction. It reflect real life situations...

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