Jean Pierre, I am with you on that one 100%. Aristocracy is...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 12 2012, 9:02 PM

Jean Pierre, I am with you on that one 100%.

Aristocracy is dead for most people.

The very few people who think they are don't matter to truly make an impact in today's society.

I think you have made a mistake by associating Bernadette with Aristocracy.

This person made it over and over again very clear that they work and defended the poor. She talked a lot about social justice and have done and accomplished just that. Were you not listening or reading, my brother.

Do you know what it takes to make it to Guantanamo Bay to fight for our brothers and sisters?

This person has done just that and more. Like you I am a patriot but I am for anyone man or woman who proved, not just talked about helping my people, especially if that someone is HAITIAN.

We don't have too many Haitians who truly CARE about Haiti and to do something about it. A lot of people on this blog are here for self-gratification and a perfect example is this "Agent-X" person.

I know you are intelligent enough to understand and recognized the real helpers when you see them.
Everybody does not have to be on the same economic level to help. WE need everybody a la ronde badette to help. Tout moune douer mete main. Nan point discrimination nan sa. Haitien Petion-Ville jusqua Haitien nan Cite Soleil.

Tout Haitien se Haitien.

Vrai Patriot fre'm se sa seulment ki kapab sauve nou. Pa kite moune divise nou. Division koute nou cher. Nou pa bezoin RINMIN toute moune pou'n kolaborer avec yo. Nou bezoin TRAVAIL pou yon seul but: HAITI.

Haiti pou nou toute et se nou toute ki pou sauve li.
The only time we were able to do something remarkable is when everybody joined hands regardless of social standings.

A good example is the War of our Independence, Petion, Dessalines, Louverture joined hands with landowners and slaves or plantation workers toward one goal: The liberation of Haiti.

We were ALL were born on Haiti's soil. That is what counts.

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