W O W!! Are you serious? you mean murderers and rapists should...

Brian Andrew - September 12 2011, 12:10 AM

W O W!! Are you serious?

you mean murderers and rapists should be allowed to roam the streets of Haiti?

perhaps you and Bob need a reality check.

Camy and Bob both need to be violated by the UN to understand the true meaning of rape.The UN has no authority or power and is a useless institution.

UN is nothing but the league of nations put together without real political power and should be disbanded.

Too bad Third World nations are not equipped to understand it. UN is nothing but a crutch to world peace and impotent during wartime.

UN was created as a symbol for Unity among nations but in reality CANNOT act without United States.

In effect UN is the United States...

I understand that a small country like Haiti cannot fight back US aggression and power but Haiti can always declined help politely from the US. Haiti needs to be cleaned-up by its own people.

Perhaps this is a good time to start by rejecting US and other nations help. Let the law of Darwin prevail.

The strong will survive and the future will be what it will be...

The Haitian people will gain their strength back by helping themselves without outside interference.

This is the only way most nations have done if not all.

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