Jean Pierre Alexandre is in trouble

Lamercie J. Boston - September 29 2011, 9:20 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre why so many people have similar complaints about you everywhere you go. It is so bad that now doctor Feel Bad is Knocking at your door. Before you know it, you will be in a straight Jacket, restrained sedated and admitted to a psychiatric ward against your will. Keep a low profile, stop cursing people.

Did you talk to Psychiatrist Doctor Feel Bad Yet?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Did i hear"Jean Pierre Alexandre is in trouble"? What kind of trouble? If you talking about the words of that red neck "Brian", whom is trying to... more »

Dr. Feel Bad says...

29 September 2011 To: Mr. Alexandre. I am Dr. Feel Bad the self appointed Psychiatrist on the Martelly and Bel Politik blog. I received multiple... more »

Natasha D. Williams says...

You are a low life,low class type of haitian Mr.Alexandre. I don't think you deserve the title Mr. because you behaving like a wild animal.people... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Natasha,you don't have a P U S S Y to wash that early morning? I advise you get some baking soda and white vinegar don't put too much lime juice add... more »

Natasha D. Williams says...

If you continue to disrespect women on this blog, we will refer your writings to cyber police, Hate crime Investigation Bureau, National... more »