Are you in favor of the UN leaving Haiti?

I received this email from one of my newsletter subscribers asking me whether or not I am in favor if the UN leaving Haiti and I wanted to share it with you...

UN MINUSTAH Soldiers Helping In Haiti

I asked his permission and he agreed with the understanding that he remains anonymous.

Let's call him Bob...

Bob is not Haitian, he is what we call a "BLAN," he spent a lot of time in Haiti, and he loves Haiti very much. In the emails I receive from him the love is clearly there...

Here is the first email I received from Bob. Read it and feel free to respond, but with an open mind and in all sincerity:

Bob asks...

Are you in favor of the UN leaving Haiti? It provides many good jobs and a personal friend of mine is one of them.

You seem to be against the UN being there. Is Haiti capable of providing stability of any kind, on its own?

We helped train the police, back in the mid 1990s and I know their reputation.

I also have a lot of experience with the UN in several countries and know they are far from perfect. but, overall, I don't see the UN has a negative for the country, which is always in need of foreign help and I know well the history of this need. starting in l980s.

What do you want to say to Bob?

Like everything else in the world, people usually judge you for what you do wrong, very few people remember what you do right... After all, bad news IS "the news"

Honestly... Can any success be attributed to the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti?

Help me answer this question:
Are you in favor of the UN leaving Haiti?

Consider that this question was asked to you directly... What would your answer be?

Reply with your comments

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Max A Joseph Jr says...

Bob is the typical white supremacist; condescending in his comment and oblivious of his shortcomings.

Bob should enjoy "the plantation" while he can because the country will, sooner rather than later, be closed to arrogant species like

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Raynolddenis says...

they can leave today.

it's about time restore the haitian army. No more of that un army. What do they do for my country?

Abused my

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Achille Gabriel says...

Given the volatile situation on the ground in Haiti right now, it would be immature ending the UN mission in Haiti.

The mission provides an additional layer of security which would have been filled by the poorly trained and ill-equipped haitian police in the event of an eminent departure.

The haitian people, especially the youth and certain fringe elements of society who feel marginalized are on the cusp of 'la

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Tijean says...

Well it's hard to answer this question.What is really the mission of UN in Haiti?To me, they are there to protect the President, Senators,Depute...

But the people, the Mass they are abusing them -rappe, kill ...It's time for them to leave.

We need a civil war in Haiti in order to eliminate the so call "nationalist"-Babby doc, Aristide,Michele Bennet, Prevale & That

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Max Kenol says...

Dear friend

Am I in favor of the UN forces leaving Haiti?

This is the most complex question ever ask to me since 1994. Unfortunatly I cannot find a straight answer for it ; first I would say NO! simply because I see an uncontrolable catastrophe coming soon after their departure and would we have to call for them back again and again and again, every time we are in trouble?

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Tiba says...

Prime example of our problem as a nation (if I can call it that) and as a people.

It's been almost 5 months now since there is a new elected president in Haiti, and yet, 5 months without a functioning government to do anything.

Haiti has been a "free for all" country for the past 5 months.

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Bernadette says...

12,000 soldiers certainly could not get out of Haiti all at once. Acting so would have been restless and reckless behavior on behalf of UN and they know it. But make no mistake, the Haitian people registered their anger and frustrations about what has been going on in Haiti and Johnny Jean was just the last straw; And who could blame them?

We all know historically Haitians can't rely on Haiti's government and or the ruling class to protect them. Precisely what functioning government department Haitians in Haiti could go to protest human rights abuses collectively?

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Tiba says...

This is what I have been saying for the longest time. Haitians act out of emotion of impulsivity too much.

Haitians need to understand the fundamental reality of life, "Emotion & Politics" just don't go together.

Making decision in the moment of high emotion, anger, and resentment, puts you in more vulnerable position to make bad decisions or non-productive decisions.

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Whimps says...

Minustah should stay for a little longer because the local force can not maintain and garantee the stability of the

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen conprann ou e mwen daco avec ou, men an reyalite nou te doue batay cont dictati li te etabli ya e non cont bon bagay e jan li te fe andan peyi a.Mwen cre ke le jou pep Ayisyen an apran a reconet calite ki bon lakay yon mounn lap koumanse progrese paske li we bien plus ke negatif.

A mon avi Francois Duvalier te vinn yon dictate paske milite te ki te la yo te conn gen yon pratic voye chef leta ale pou rezon pa yo pou acapare pouvoi, se minm rezon sa ki fe tou Aristide te vinn yon dictate tou apre Duvalier paske yo te bal coup deta e li minm utilize menm bagay yo tou pou fe represion sou mounn an Haiti le patizan li yo craze Universite leta, tire mounn nan la ru e minm caduc force opozition an nan politic selon tactic pal.Pou mwen duvalier te yon neg ki kare sa lap fe li fe l san cache deye anyin, neg sa yo nou gen la ap fe pandan ke yap cache deye do lot mounn e pa bliye pou mwen duvalier sanble yon nationalist nan tout integralite l e neg ki la yo pou mwen pa gen nom ou bien clas apatenance.

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