Let it be clear to those who are concerned about the...

Ronald Altieri - August 23 2011, 9:55 AM

Let it be clear to those who are concerned about the historical journal of Haiti to be archived for the future generations that in the first 100 days of Mr. Michel Martelly's presidency he has managed to make it vividly clear what Haiti's primary problem is - Politicians, its Parliament and its Constitution.

Given that since 1987 Haiti's Politicians, its Parliament have been one of the same power as that of the its Constitution; therefore, it is conclusively justified to say that the all three mentioned have been Haiti's main problem.

And that, we must thank the President for making that clearly evident in the first days of his presidency.

To Mr. Martelly's credit goes this non-surprising revelation, because his administration has managed to expose this underlying problem of Haiti to its population.

Let us get to meat and potatoes of it, what has been exposed in Mr. Martelly's first 100 days in office?

Before i get into that a little bit, to the extent that i can, let me just say that:
First, in the days prior January 12, 2010 there were talk of our revolution against slavery and human injustice that led to our independence in 1804 as being the primary cause for our non-favorable econo-socio-politico predicament in the western hemisphere.

Whatever truth there may be in such a view it is not the whole pie; it is just a slice.

Second, in the days since January 12, 2010 there has been talk of the Voodoo practiced by my Haitian brothers and sisters as being a pact with the devil, and is therefore the energy behind the misery of Haiti.

I will leave this one alone, because i have looked at a lot religions of the world and i have yet to understand what voodoo really is.
Third, there has been a lot of talk - before and after January 12, 2010 - about the inferiority of the mental capability of the Haitian, as it were, to propel his society to greater heights; as that relates to the human ladder of success measured in civility, literacy and technology.

To this point i simply would say, that it is not what people think about us that ultimatley matters, but what really matters is how we feel about ourselves.

In the backdrop of those 3 points made, while leaving out the AIDS stigma and the now Cholera stigma, comes Mr. Martelly's campaign and presidency.

Back to the 100 days of Martelly's presidency: Those 100 days have told us that there was not a mindset to consciously represent the people's will and aspirations as the basis to move Haiti forward until Martelly gave Haitian politics a vision; until Sweet Micky decided to help the youth of Haiti a song for their souls to fell and for their minds to dance to.
In the first 100 days, Mr. Martelly has shown to the world that it was not him that was pulling his pants down and defecating on the people who were eating misery and drinking depression, but that it was the politicians and interconnected repressive powers intertwined in the Parliament who was doing doing so. Al the while keeping the people twisted in a Constitution, which constituted nothing to the people's benefit and education.

In more than one way, Mr. Martelly has in the first 100 days as placed a mirror in front of the Haitian Parliament, and in front of the Haitian people to look our minds vis-a-vis our love and our will to make due sacrifices to place Haiti in a better path for the future generations.

May be history will see that Martelly's call for free education, as provided in the Constitution, will be the action that will truly spark our vitally needed spiritual revolution.

We already had an armed revolution to liberate ourselves from the chains around our feet, necks and hands.

But now with the reconstruction of our youths' mind; as helpfully sparked with the free education agenda, we can actually see a brighter day. The future generations will be able to enjoy the fruts of our spiritual revolution by removing darkness from their minds, by way of education.

Thank you Mr. President for being a beacon of light.

And if it takes another 207 years for us to be mentally liberated, then so be it. The powers of darkness which have keeping Haiti in the dark will be conquered, it is just a matter of time.
Can you see the light?

God Bless Haiti,
Ronald Altieri

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