Haiti President Martelly marks 100 days in office

YES... The first 100 days of Michel Martelly as president of Haiti is up... What has been done so far? Has President Martelly delivered on his campaign promises?

Michel Martelly, President of Haiti

Well, so far Haiti has NO GOVERNMENT... 100 Days Later and NO GOVERNMENT...

Is that what Michel Martelly Intended?

Is this why INITE was fighting so hard to have the Majority Haiti Senate seats?

Are they mad because their candidate did not win the presidency?

Well, the foreign media is judging him, President Michel Martelly, saying that he did not deliver on his campaign promises.

The truth is, He [Martelly] is the man in charge!

In an article written by Haitian reporter Jacqueline Charles for The Miami Herald, she writes:

"The former musician [Michel Martelly] who sold himself as a no-nonsense decisive leader has been unable to make good on most of his promises. He has not gotten his choice of prime minister approved in parliament and increasing tensions between Martelly and lawmakers have even his most ardent supporters wondering if any of the major policies he proposes will become law."

Haiti, 100 days into the Martelly administration, there is NO GOVERNMENT.

What can a President Michel Martelly do without a Government?

Fingerprinting will not solve any problems but there is one thing that has been bothering me for a very long time...

Why all this BOO HA HA about presidential elections if the elected president cannot get to work immediately.

  • Michel Martelly is doing his constitutional duty of SELECTING a Prime Minister,
  • The Haitian lawmakers are doing their constitutional duty of REJECTING his choice,
  • Bill Clinton is saying "We need a government in a hurry"
  • And the people of the Republic (PEL LA) are realizing in their despair that the Constitution of Haiti is a PROGRESS RETARDANT.


The First 100 Days of the Martelly is over... Did Michel Martelly do ALL that he could have done given the circumstances?

Is President Martelly responsible for the current circumstances?

Who is to blame and what must be done about it

Reply with your comments?

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Tiba says...

I have been calling on Martelly to exercise his constitutional power to revok/cancel/confiscate the pasports of the entire legislative members and stop them from ever traveling outside Haiti even if their lives depend on it.

Secondly, Martelly needs to stop the entire legislative members from getting paid until they put a government in place.

If these "voyoux" cannot travel the world at will and are not getting paid, I guarantee you they will ratify a prime minister and form a government over night.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Thank you, i will read my emails SAP.
Very busy lately with my work, just relax, soon i will, be patient.


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Prince Richard says...

Jean-Pierre Alexandre read your emails on studio A. You have overdue emails to read there.

go back to work, get

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Lucienne, Aristide is a cursed man, don't worry he is doomed to destruction with his stupid Lavalas dirty mud running water.

He can never be president in Haiti, he is crazy enough to run against Obama next year :),don't be surprise if he try to overthrow the US government this is how sick he is in the head"LOCO, FOU,DINGDING, minimum two screws are loose in his head".

We need to get raid of him fast before he do more

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Lucienne says...

until aristid is dead there will always no peace in Haiti.this guy inside or outside the country is creating problems.

He's the one who came with the kidnaping, rat pa kk

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Lucienne says...

you want him to share power so you and your lavalas people can still suck the haitian blood it's a shame, why people in haiti steal seat in their behind doing nothing that's a haitain

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Haspyl Lazarre. says...

He may let the parliament have the PRIME MINISTERE.

It is not a big problem.But he will need to talk to me or to Jn-Claude Duvalier, if he really loves HAITI and THE PEOPLE, and wants to do something for the wellbeing of the

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Wapsuiv says...

tetkale tet ou kale papa ouwe kle
bayol pou yo souce
kale band pou

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Tetkale says...

You call him albinos, but do you have a name for the regime lavalas?

that killed all those journalists, the students, massacred people in Saint- Marc, that kidnapped people still today, that terrorized and raped women and young girls, that putting guns on the 13th years old young men to commited horrible crimes for them. Do you have a name for your leader?

that imposed ambargo into the lives of the people that feeding their children with dust. Do you have a name for your president?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Josy, please just take it easy.
We are giving enough ropes to Aristide and others to hang themselves, that is the strategy behind the scene of us being quiet.

Haiti will survive as a nation after that

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