There was a surplus in the budget when President Clinton left...

Josy - August 17 2011, 2:25 AM

There was a surplus in the budget when President Clinton left, and President Bush made a huge mess. President Obama now has to clean up eight years of GWB's overspending.

President Michel Martelly also inherited years of corruption, and I cannot even compare his situation with President's Obama.

It will be a great accomplishment if President Martelly can bring the country back to 1985 in two terms, and our generation might not see a Haiti similar to the DR next door. President Obama is cleaning up after GWB, and if he brings it back to the time when President Clinton left office it will be a miracle.

It is always easier to pick on the new kid on the block, but the two of them are not responsible for the mess, and it is going to take years to fix. The economy is bad all over the world, and Europe is in bad shape financially.

Haiti gets pneumonia when the USA sneezes, and if it continues this way we all might have to learn chinese.

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Bravo Josy, mwen rinmin li sa belle negesse ap plake...

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