It is the same game being played in the US with President...

Josy - August 17 2011, 2:44 AM

It is the same game being played in the US with President Obama's plans, and they are always trying to block him. The Senate is doing the same thing in Haiti, because they do not like President Martelly and want to see him fail flat on his nose. L'homme propose, et DIEU dispose.

They both were given special assignments by GOD, and have work to do. If GOD is for them who can be against them, and they will accomplish their missions.

White America cannot stand the fact we have a Black president, and is having a hard time dealing with it. It is the same story in Haiti, and President Martelly is too honest for them. They want a corrupt president, so they can continue stealing and starved the poor. They go, and sign in the morning.

They make sure they are seen, and then live for the day. They have their mistresses, or family members collecting a check and they never work a day in their lives.

It is a huge mess, and I know some people who got rich pretty fast. They went from being dirt poor to building half a million dollars home in a very short time, and then relocate overseas in their mansions.

They would not be able to continue robbing the country under President Martelly, so they rather destroy the country and make it impossible for him to do his job. The way to solve the problem is to stop paying them, and take their free vehicles away until they come up with a solution.

They should be forced to come up with a mutual plan, and try to save the country.

The USA, Europe, and Canada are going to get tired of the game. The NGOs cannot do their work properly, and the country is in complete chaos.

Christmas is four months away, and it will be two years since the earthquake.

The international community wants to assist us, but are losing patience and will go back home. Those educated gangsters make the worst crooks, and shouls use their brain to rebuilt the country.

They are white collar criminals who would be in Federal prison if they were here in the US, and are getting away with murder.

Shame on the Haitian senate

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