At Roby, the name is Bernadette not "Elizabeth". I know...

Bernadette - July 17 2011, 7:57 PM

at Roby, the name is Bernadette not "Elizabeth".

I know, female names sound all the same to you, right?

It is not easy to remember; Understood.

My point was somewhat similar to yours: People have to be given a CHOICE.

Especially when the request was not even constitutionally right.

It is NOT about "crying over the dollar amount", but given a choice to act or to decide which ever way one pleases.

After all, we are talking about "Democracy" or the beginning of it. Is not it?

This is not too hard to figure out what kind of money we are talking about.

Figure out the total numbers of the diaspora, multiply it by a reasonable number of phone calls made monthly,(according to charts or small survey) then subtract it by a reasonable "non-respondents" or reduces numbers as a direct correlation of this added expenses and then you will get your bottom line dollars.

The bottom line is just the raw "seed" money.

Then, there are overhead expenses or direct operational expenses.

I am not saying it is not a worthwhile way to acquire money for national educational expenses, but it CANNOT be the only source as it will not possibly survive the hardship of educating a whole Nation.

I strongly believe in public education as a way to educate the masses for a better tomorrow but the resources have got to come from many different sources, not just one.
We, as a people, for better or worse, have elected Michel Martelly as our President for Haiti.

Let us respect the rights of the People.

Let us give Mr. Martelly a chance to win (make the necessary changes) or to fail. He has not have that chance yet, let's give it to him. This is too soon to tell and Martelly has had many roadblocks coming his way in such a short time...

Support, support, support Haiti not blindly but pragmatically.

That is one of the better ways to go.

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Elisabeth, I read your comment and have this for you...

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