Elisabeth, I read your comment and have this for you. It is...

Roby - July 17 2011, 6:26 PM


I read your comment and have this for you.

It is not about crying for a dollar and fifty cents.For me, it is about how this amount of money will use.I am not saying that I am the most reasonble person for this subject, but I can say what I think it's right.

There is no other country in the world this could be done. I mean, a president had no right to imposs something without the Legistative approval.How come?

why doesn't he want the money to be budgeted?

do you think it is good to take this money without knowing who are in charge of?

We do have a system in Haiti.

If you are elected for a position, before you leave for someone else if you do not steal thousands or milllison of gourdes, you think you make the biggest mistake in your life. Martelly is not going to do anything than stealing the Haitian's money.

As he started already, he will use the Haitian's money to travel where he wants to.By the way, What does a president mean to YOU?

You know what, I can tell you this, this money is not going to use for education, Elisabeth.

I do respect your opinions;but remember what happened in Gonaives.When people in Gonaives were suffering for goods, services when they needed most, all donations sent to them were disappeared.Ask yourself these questions: How much money does he need to do that?

how long is going to take?

just five years CAN"T educate the Haitian's children.

An education's plan must have at least 30 years.

I hear back the balance of my comment.

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My Lord my God please,Enough Crying,for 1 dollar and...

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