Roby, If you and the cry babies on this discussion board did...

Gabby - July 17 2011, 7:43 PM


If you and the cry babies on this discussion board did your homework, all of you would know a thing or two about how the money being collected will be spent.

President Martelly won't even see a penny of that money.

All of the money will be directly deposited to a NATIONAL BANK, with a foreign auditing company hired to do the auditing (To monitor how the money is being spent).

Are you kidding me, Roby?

You honestly believe that Max was applying critical thinking to that rubbish thing he wrote?

Wow! Your notion of critical thinking is someone implying that that cheap change being collected can be used for all of those different programs he mentioned where the money will not even suffice to put one quarter of the illiterates we have in the country?

Has any one of you ponder more jobs will be created as a result of this free education program?

I will let you all figure this one out, since, all of you cry babies are critical thinkers as Roby pointed out! I'm certain that none of you would be complaining if outsiders were paying for this. You can keep yapping and lolly-gagging all you want, the program has been implemented and is in well effect.

And what's more, it is here to stay. So get over it!!!!

I'm done on this subject and with all of you selfish, dull-minded people.

Do some reading on a subject or matter prior expressing your opinion on it.

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Hi Max, I read your comment.Congratulations on your...

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